Has anyone noticed how much evade evades?

My Irex and indo as well as others evade like 75% of the time. Is it just me? I have just seen like 9 evades in row and most dayd i evade and so do they lol

I haven’t really noticed a continues evade on my I-Rex :frowning:

I have noticed the increased evade but not on my side :smiley: I know it’s RNG and all but come on :slight_smile:

My Indominus fails more than it passes.

You are just going through the happy days… The game will balance itself and you will not be evading anything… Hopefully, you won’t come back with a post saying my Indoraptor is crap, cause it won’t evade once!


If it wasn’t for the fact that the IRex is immune , I wouldn’t even have it on my team . I reckon it evades 25% tops , and yet others seem to evade 75% . It’s a move I really dislike in the game . I even feel sorry for my opponent when my evade works !

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It’s just you. My indom and indo barely dodge 50/50. And monomimus dodges like 40% of the time.

Most of the time it seems to be the opposite for many of us… Yesterday my I-Rex didn’t evade once… in more than 10 battles… seriously… but I’ve also had days when it worked 7 or 8 times in a row…

Btw, I really hate those cloak/evasive moves… and hate that I am forced to depend on them from time to time…

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yeah those evasive/cloak moves are so annoying at times. I don’t blame the player when I lose because his/her dino dodges every single attack, I blame the game and RNG :smiley: It is just infuriating because it does not require any skill or tactical aspect. If someone beats me fair and square I can accept it but to lose over and over because of RNG not being on your side is crazy.

This game can make me rage so hard at times it is hilarious :smiley:

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Yeah… I’ve been saying that for some time now… cloak/evasive ruins the strategy of this game, at least around Sorna Marshes to Lockwood, places crawling with Indos and Mimus… You need a nullifier to counter the dodges, but there are few really good nullifiers and even they can lose in a duel now that both Indos got an HP buff…