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Has anyone purchased the pteranodon gen 2 pack for $75?

Just want to validate if it is unlocked to where you can make a level 40 out of it.

I’m pretty sure it will NOT unlock the dino.

If you don’t see the “open lock” icon, it isn’t an unlock.


No unlock. In other words, a ripoff.


Don’t do it. It’s not an unlock.
Even if it was an unlock… You know how much groceries that can buy?!

Just kidding.

But in all honesty, Ludia must think people are insane…
Especially for dino bucks and dna packs. Sell them at 25 to 30 percent of what they are now. They would profit more because people would be more inclined to purchase. Larger transaction volume.

In times like this where the economy has been crushed and small/medium enterprises have been decimated…games like this are keeping some people sane. Throw us a bone Ludia. Mr. Thabet will stil be happy.

So is it really an unlock because you said just kidding?

It is not an unlock.

He is talking about the pricing and selling of packs.


No. Not an unlock.

This was the part he was kidding about


I mentioned this…price elasticity. They would make a lot more money if there were reasonable prices…instead they want to sell a trex for 20… insanity. You don’t want it to turn into a buy to play game…but spending 100 to get say a Zalmoxes…dude you’re going to maybe get one rich dude, when you could get 500 guys if you sold it for 10…just saying.

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We’ve had players pass though here who have paid many of those prices to build pretty parks.

The common player doesn’t do it, but some whales (players with lots of money and spend it on games) do exist and pay.

That’s about…50% of ludia’s income? The other 50% is probably VIP membership.

I agree, a bulk of Ludia’s income from JWTG should be from VIP membership given the sheer number of people who subscibe for it