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Has anyone received Irritator from the Strike Events?


Just wondering if anyone has actually seen Irritator (Gen 1) from this week’s strike events. It’s fierce themed so technically Irritator is a potential rare. All I have seen is Kapro, Gorgosaurus, and Rex 2. If you do get some, post it here so the rest of us have hope.

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nope =/
I have been wondering the same thing


Nothing here either


I did get some from today’s common tower. And also 20 bary DNA

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So there is hope!

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If we don’t get from small incubators, we will get it from the big one? Is it just me or that’s even better😋

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And you are talking about the Rare Irritator, correct?


Not a scratch of DNA… but when did this game ever give us what we want…


I got 650 Kaprosuchus and the rest was Gen 2 Rex

Feels bad man. :frowning:


I would think someone would see some from the Rare Strike if it’s really in the potential pool of dinos.


Hey, can I have those? I still haven’t unlocked Tyrannolophosaur (yes, I’m completely serious. I was lazy during those weeks. :sweat_smile:), and I just unlocked Megalosuchus, so I could use the Kaprosuchus to level her up!


it’s the most important thing,
but hard as hell to earn.


Sure, if you request, I am glad to share those. I have way too much DNA of both, doing nothing with it.


I was joking, actually. :joy: I’m busy focusing on Stygidaryx. As far as I’m aware, you’re not in my alliance, anyways. Not unless you have a different name in JWA than the forums.


Aren’t you in Sand Dunes, as well, just with a different in-game name???

Man I am getting confused as crap over who is who on the forum :joy:


Well, my name is different, yes. But I’m the leader of my own alliance! :rofl:


People keep changing their in game names as well so that doesn’t help either :joy:


Oh, I know now who I confused you with, now. Oops :sweat_smile:


Well, I only left the second half of my name off and everyone has been calling me Raven anyway :sweat_smile:

But yeah, the ammount of name changes in our alliance is more abundant than Suchomimus around my apartment :joy::ok_hand:


I totally didn’t do that. :sweat_smile: Yeah, my IGN for JWA was originally ImpossibleMephit, or maybe just Mephit, but I changed it to MythicNinja before alliances were introduced because I was using it as a gamer tag more often. I use Mephit more, now, but I’m too lazy to change it. I also need the coins for leveling and fusing creatures. :rofl: