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Has anyone scrolled through the other ludia forums?

seems theres a common thread. out of curiosity i had a look at the dragons forum. same issues as here. unfair matchups. broken arena etc.

at least ludia is consistent lol

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Oh yeah… even other design philosophies like accidental purchases and users asking for a confirmation button.

Ludia is very consistent.

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But not in a good way, LOL.

Agreed, but like terrible blunders most companies experience once and a blue moon. Premium incs in scent strikes, banning a large portion of your playerbase, alliance rewards.

Those kind of things tend to be rare for most companies. But Ludia is like flaw free week so far… hold my beer.

I think the biggest blunder ever was the accidental banning.
I would never say anything, but I would just grin when people would claim they were innocent and dismiss them.
When my wife got banned I was amused at first because she is so technologically challenged that I set up her phone for her and it was kinda funny.
Now that I’ve had a day to think about it though, you can no longer simply dismiss people who were banned from here on out.
Everyone gets a slight benefit of a doubt now.
And that’s a BAD thing.
If you are going to do a ban wave, it behooves you to get it right.
That’s one of those things you really don’t want to mess up ever.


Huge blunder, and it will look really bad if they don’t do anything to compensate those players. Especially the VIPs.
Maybe Ludia found out that your wife is actually cheating though. Maybe only people’s cheating partners got banned!
HA! I think I figured it out.

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I should get compensated too.
It only took her about 4 minutes to narrow her eyes and blame me.
“Did you break rules with my phone!?”
Luckily they fixed it quick.
It was getting tense. LOL


At least they admitted they’ve made a blunder. Niantic never issued any apologies when they’ve warned + banned me and several others out of nowhere back in March-April. I had to read reddit to find out they’ve lifted the bans for everyone, and it wasn’t even an official announcement, it was someone ranting that spoofers got unbanned along with the rest.

So many see their blunders as inept and accidental.
I see them as brilliant and purposefully done.

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Man, what’s it like to live in a way that you second guess everything?

How do you figure that?
The same “mistakes” appear throughout their other games.
They are reluctant to repair anything that doesn’t affect their profit, and quick to act when it does affect their profit. they are hardly inept, more like thrifty and shifty.

I wouldn’t call it a guess. I’d call it an observation.

Some prefer blissful ignorance.
Some work to provide cover.
Some prefer the red pill, some the blue. I choose red.

Someone should tell Ludia that consistency is only key when taken into context!

I’d have to hire protection if my wife got banned from a game and she thought I had something to do with it.

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Your red pill is a placebo.

Knowledge is power, you can learn a lot from polls, if you use them right.