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Has anyone seen a Mammoth

Today is the new hybrid Pursuit and it’s supposed to be Mammoth… but all I am getting is Rare Entelodon…@Ned what’s going on today??? :sweat_smile::sweat:

Anyone else Experienced this?

I got Mammoth spawns from my Giga Scent several times this morning, but I assumed that was down to me revert to local 2.

Getting a TON of Entelodon, but no Mammoth.


@Ned can you take a look into this as well

Poor Ned, everything falls on him.


More entelodon than usual, no mammoth so far.


Lots of entelodon and also argentino, but no Mammoth at all.


Soooooooo… I guess it’s another week of Entelodon then…

Sigh… alright…

Used an Epic Scent, but no Mammoths thus far.

Still seeing Entelodont on a regular basis


Entelodon is a global Day Rare now. You’re going to be seeing it for a long time.

Still Entelodon pursuit. Kept spawning at night on giga scent.


I saw a Mammoth spawn in the wild just now… but again I don’t know if that is because of the Hybrid Pursuit or because i’m back in Local 2, because @E.D doesn’t talk to us.

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Local 4 and got this a few hours ago

darted 2 today but was in a moving vehicle so not sure what zone i was in so not sure bout pursuit or local spawn

I’ve seen a couple mammoths but that’s it.

No mammoth so far.

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Jup found one today!

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