Has anyone seen a sunday chest?

I haven’t spotted one so far

Spotted a few bugged ones that I couldn’t open, but they are out there


I can see on in the distance but have not gone out to get it.

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Oh, each time they seem to be less in number

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Yes. It covered up a strike tower, even.

One great thing about them is how they disappear after opening one. Wisk strike towers were coded the same

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Got my last one just after three the next one should be spawning now

Yup caught one whilst in the car earlier today. Spotted another one tonight too.

They are normally visible to me. But I wonder how this mechanic works, can we collect more than 1 chest within that 6 hours time period?

No you can only collect one chest every six hours beginning at 15:00 g.m.t

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There are, but they are very far apart from each other sometimes.

Got one on the way home from work this evening. Only got 2600 coins from it rather than the 3500 they used to have.

Yes. Had to drive the wrong way though the (empty) post office parking lot to get it. But I really needed the coins.