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Has anyone seen irritator out in the wild at night? I’ve used scents looked around and nothing so far has anyone had any luck?

Can’t find irritator anywhere?

I got one the first night of the update with a giga.

I’ve seen tons

Is It a hybrid pursuit?

Negative. It’s in a local now.
L1.,. I think.
Night only.

It said global at night dang haven’t seen one

I just read the spawn guide article lol.
I have seen quite a few, and for some reason they were all in (what used to be?) L1.

It says global right?

Indeed. Night only.
Got any Rare Scents?

I believe that spawn guide also says raja is local 2 spawn but I get it in local 3 a few times already. The article might be a little flawed.

Edit: just saw where it said locals rotated… my bad

Yeah I’ve used three last two nights and nothing

Ouch. That hurts :cold_sweat:
My condolences, and wishing you luck henceforth.

I’m NEVER going to get used to this rotation lol.
I barely remembered what was what before, and I’ve been playin since 2018.


Yup! Spotted one last night/ this morning coming home from work.

The chance of an Irritator spawning naturally at night is 0.5793030303030302% per spawn.
Normal Scents (Small, Large, Giga) are 0.7448181818181819% per spawn.
Rare Scents are 2.2185019206145964% per spawn.
Epic Scents are 1.2806725794530673% per spawn.