Has anyone seen Rare Irritator in the wild?


I literally only need 15 more rare irritator to make Pyrratir but have never seen him in the wild. Any suggestions or thoughts.


Nope, keep opening incubators…


It doesn’t spawn in the wild I’m afraid.


I was going to post that exact same question! I’ve never seen any type of Irritator in the wild, all my DNA I is from incubators. I was wondering if there were any exclusive regional creatures, like they have in Pokémon Go.


Ran into a wild epic Baryonyx last night. I was totally gobsmacked. I’ve never actually seen one in the wild before.


Nope. 2 Days ago I saw an odd creature on the screen. It was Stegoceratops. only managed 54 dna. Too far away.


Did you mean the missus?
Nope…still around irritating the bejesus out of me when I am darting an Epic


Hahaha, maybe you should get some sleeping darts and dart her with one before getting dino dna lol


There are Arena-Exclusives


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll do that


I’ve never seen either Irritator in the wild aside from parks. Same with Gallimimus and a few others.


I only discovered mine when he spawned in front of my house. Nearly dropped my phone, I was that amazed.


I actually never seen a irratator in the wild.