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Has anyone seen sino

It has been a month since i seen sino and I walk the 4 zones every day

Have them almost ready for thora but no sino
Need sino for Allosinosaurus
Tried with scents , but no luck
Is the dino vanished
Last dna was from the alliance missions, hopefully they will be back next week

Best chances i’ve had were using epic scent, at some gas station, in zone 1. If you get extremely lucky Sino might even spawn using the other scents. But just be at a zone 1 gas station.

The zone 1 near me doesn’t have a gas station
Will try to find another zone 1 with a gas station and try there

Maybe wait a few days and hopefully alliance missions will be back up again. Than you will have 400-500 sino dna/week :smiley: that would help a bit

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This: talks about varying reward sets, so I’m not so sure you can bank on Sino always being one


I would take sino for like a month as a reward and than rotate :slight_smile:

A month? We could only be so lucky! :wink:

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That’s what I’m hoping,that the alliance challenges will be back next week
With sino again
We only had 1 week of sino then they were disabled for fix the bug
I hope also they rotate the dinos on the challenges from time to time
There are others than probably will need other dinos instead of sino

I guess I was more under the assumption the rewards would change per week. I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see!

EDIT: I think the fact that Sino was part of week 2 was part of the bug they’ve been trying to fix, but it’s speculative.

I saw one last night when I was in bed but i didn’t get it. it was out of range and I didn’t wanna run down my street at 1 am

With the amount of alliance mission rewards they planned i dont think there going to run for more then a week…

Saw it an hour ago

Damn that tarbo! I wish i had that much tarbo, i have plenty of allo+sino

I got one last night

How can you tell what zone you are in?

By the dinos that generates normally in that area

lol lol lol…GOOD LUCK finding sino’s anywhere, unless a special event where you get a 1/6 chance IF that…and you people pay for this game why? lol lol

I catch lots of tarbo every day
I work in area 4 catch a few there every day
And live in area 2 and is even more frequent spawn

Sinos are my most seen epic… not tring to rub salt in a wound but Id gladly trade some sino dna for ourano dna. The other day i used a 5 minute scent while sitting on my couch and got a sino then went out and used a rare scent and got another sino.

Then there is this taken after 1.5 been a bit since Ive seen 2 non event sinos on my screen but it has happened.

I think the biggest mistake people make is going to an L1 and not getting one after like a week. They keep going to the same l1. Zones are not created equal if the l1 youve been going to isnt producing sino you need to find a different L1 not returning day in and day out to the same l1. Just cause your in a l1 doesnt mean its a good l1 for sino.