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Has anyone seen the mono epic


Has anyone seen the mono epic, it’s supposed to be about so we can get it to fuse with galli but I have been in several areas overvlast few days and not a single one in sight

Monolophosaurus week

Not seen one yet; if I remember correctly I only saw 1, at most 2 Grypo when that was the epic with the week’s global spawn.


I live in L3 and usually see a mono once a month or so.
But yesterday evening, I saw 2 mono within a span of an hour or so. Not sure if it was local spawn or event spawn.


I saw two yesterday but they were both out of reach.

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I darted one this morning and saw two more that were out of range and I couldn’t get to them. Hopefully see a few more since mine is only at level 13.


I saw one last night


I darted one yesterday, L4 Park. I thought it very unusual to see one, forgot they were the event spawn.


We’re talking about epic mono not common one :grin:


Not a single one


Not yet, but I have been a couch potato this week. Should change today, so I will tell if I see any, actually moving around.


Not sure what zone I was in, but did see one on the way home from work yesterday and then got one from a common scent in L1 last night.


I was also.


I am lucky enough to see 1 daily so I don’t know if that’s the regular zone 3 one , or because the spawn


Event spawn just increased the spawn rate of the dino so if you’re in l3 you have more chance than the other to find them ^^

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I saw two yesterday and darted both.


Got two this morning! :smiley:


Saw three yesterday within an hour, live in l3


saw only one.
My biggest question is should i try monomimus praying for a buff later of his unique or go for the chompky potato(stegoceratop father)


Saw two last night and one this morning


2 yesterday