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Has anyone seen this bug yet?

My countdown timer is stuck on 0s. I have been waiting all day for it to reach zero so I could play again, and now it is not resetting.

I have left the app long enough that it had to reconnect to the server, but it is still stuck on 0s.

Countdown to what, chest, challenge, leaderboard chest, hot pockets in the microwave? Which timer is stuck?


It fixed itself after about 10 minutes.

Good, those pockets coulda exploded!

Not likely. It was the timer in the game.

There are multiple timers in the game. Which particular be are you talking about? Someone else already asked this by the way.

The other guy was also joking about hot pockets so why should I consider it serious?

The timer for the chest. Like I said I had to wait all day to play. The free chest only takes four hours. The challenge only takes five.

Hey Horke, if this happens again, try closing the game completely and then relaunch the game.

Gotcha… by the way, you said that like it should have been obvious. There are ways to play that have nothing to do with a chest timers, so it wasn’t obvious and a legit question.