Has anyone seen this glitch

It took 100 of my tres. and 1000 velociraptor and only gave me 1 fuse.
I now only have 1224 tree now and I only saw 1 fuse.

The other 2 Dino’s are what were in my scent.


@Ned can help you

I had this a while ago

IMG20200409153742 IMG20200409153732


I feel that everyone gets more interesting visual glitches than I do. Lol :laughing:

I have never seen this. A while back when I was trying to take an AR picture, the platform the creature was standing on was a weird color than it normally is (I think it was bright magenta). When I went to the AR screen, the top half was a picture of a dinosaur sitting on the horizon (like on the game’s map) and the bottom half was what I was I was looking at (I was at an amusement park at the time, so part of it was a stage).

Lately, I have been noticing an odd temporary visual glitch which only happens when I have my game open and the nighttime towers start to show up. The most common visual glitch I usually see when this happens is stacked supply drops. Now I have been noticing for two days straight that not only are the supply drops stacked on top of another, but the creatures are too. When I reboot, this goes away.

Here’s an example of what I am talking about. I hope I don’t give anyone nightmares.

Screenshot_20200426-190054_JW Alive

It’s very similar to the two or three headed creature pictures that get posted, but this only occurs under the circumstances that I mentioned above. Let’s just say that epic hunting looked a bit odd for while.

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Never seen a glitch like that… (They’d both make a good hybrid though… SecondErlika!! :dragon_face:)


SecoErliko… (I need to go back to school.:laughing:)

Hey Colin, have you tried restarting your game and see if the fuse amount adds up? If you’re referring to the multi fusion feature, you’ll need to be level 17 to access it.

The 2 creatures in the lab should correct itself after a restart as well. :sweat_smile:

Hi Ned, it never counted the first fuse at all and it took the dna though. I also wasn’t referring to the multifusion tool. I just fused it twice and it took more dna. Luckily, I saw another trex in a scent.

Hmm, that is really strange. :thinking:

If you haven’t already, could I ask you to email our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key so our team can investigate? If you can include the approximate date and time of the fusion as well, it’d be really helpful.


ok, I’ll do that.