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Has anyone seen this guy?

So I got this email today… has anyone seen this chef guy… ever? :woman_shrugging:t2: I’ve never even seen him to swipe on so I figured I’d as you all if you’d seen him.

I don’t mind new people per say but there are soooooooo many in the witness protection program I can’t even remember the half of the chats anymore.


Or the design is really similar or… he looks like Nicholas Adley? :o But I haven’t seen him like that.

It looks like he and his counterpart will be available soon. But I do wish older matches would be brought back :sleepy:

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I’m with you there.

I’d much rather have old people return but it’s nice to have someone to talk to I guess.

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Omg no way??? I didn’t have him but I have the other person. It ended up to be called Didier Laurent BUT I prefer the one you shown me T.T WHY LUDIA WHY!!!

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Update: I unmatched Didier thinking I WOULD HAVE THEM back in the VIP match but now I have NO MATCH available. Brb going to cry.

Agreed – I have to remind myself it’s better than nobody :woman_shrugging:

I was hoping with Min-Jae/Liam coming back yesterday, another older match would return…but not yet :pensive::roll_eyes:

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I’m glad i saw this guy vs the other, tbh :sweat_smile: I’m sorry you didn’t get him off the bat tho!

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Oh, no!! Maybe the counterpart will be in the pool, since you didn’t talk to him, once he’s available for everyone :crossed_fingers:? That really sucks, tho :pensive:

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AAA ;-; not sure tho, what I did so far is to start swipping in the profiles to see if someone appears now I don’t mind who, and I sent an email to Ludia for help. Now I don’t mind who will come but at least since I paid the VIP… XD

I forgot to unsubscribe from vip in time… but now I’m holding out for the other guy to show up somewhere… :joy: so that one lame perk of being able to talk to random people a few days early isn’t even worth it when you only match with the one you don’t want

And when you unmatch him HE DISAPPEARS FROM THE GAME and you have to email Ludia, crying, to at least get one back, even if he is the ugly one… Oh god xD

Oh the curly guy is still loitering in my room… I wasn’t brave enough to unmatch.

I’m sure to get the other guy I’ll have to wait until they appear in the general pile. I’m not willing to spend 300 diamonds to see if he’d appear then.

Thaaats the thing! About the 300 DIAs, the thing is… if we use that we get guaranteed that these matchs will appears? I think it wasn’t mentioned before and I understand that no one is that brave to spend 300 gems and see if it works or not

Okay so I was desperated and I spent the 300 gems XD (there are no matches coming back so I can stack the gems again I guess).

If you press to boost your likes you get your match back again. I couldn’t find Didier (the ramen hair guy) in my normal swipes so I did this. Sadly this boost of 300 gems only forced Didier to come back but NOT the asian guy. :frowning: Weird but at least it’s something and I hope if someone wants to do this for the asian guy at least he/she doesn’t do this because seems that won’t appear if you got the ramen guy first.

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I’m cracking up at you calling him the ramen guy… now I really have to wait for the other guy to appear because I’ll forever think of the curly man as soup boy :blush::ramen:

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hahaha I got so angry because of what happened that he deserves to be called like that :angry: hahaha. I really hope the other guy appears and you can enjoy it. Please, if you get him, tell him that I wanted him too but sadly we can’t be together :sob: XD

Well… I had the other guy pop up in my swipe pile… so I unmatched ramen guy and they both vanished!!!

:rofl::rofl: I mean, of course they did

Don’t expect to interact with him any time soon. I’ve been waiting, like, 8 months for them to release content for Felicia and Skye.

They can’t update the established characters quickly enough so why release new ones?

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NOOO WAYYY, I hope he comes back again. I tried with a new account and only ramen guy appears.

God this is way worse than fighting against a final boss xD