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Has anyone seen this guy?

yeah agree. I feel really bad that they treat mostly female matches this way but they still do this. I think is all about the VIP thingy to try to get more $$$ and people subbed there. :frowning:

Still hoped with the VIP they gave always a female counterpart aswell at least since they won’t update the old matches, at least to get new ones… (tho it doesn’t solve the problem…)

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I got him!

And I’m sure he will vanish tomorrow like everyone else… we shall see.

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AAAAAAAAA omg so lucky!! Enjoy!!! I don’t wanna send any spoiler but don’t be too disappointed… >.<

I should have tied him down or something.


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too soon, too fast, too bittersweet? :frowning: hahaha

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Yeah, I have dedier. I didn’t realize how often I would prefer their counterpart

sigh I love his counterpart sooo much :sob:

I mean I didn’t hate ramen dude… but I much preferred the counterpart personally. Name and fake picture :rofl: