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Has anyone seen this with Compsocaulus

I was going around looking at the leaderboard and saw this

Is this a leak, the art of Compsocaulus, or a thing in game we have never seen before?

that’s just compso’s in-game card, and I don’t think its necessarily arranged in that order to demonstrate age but it is a possibility since they are different sizes, but imo chances are low that that’s the reason they made it that way


Hmmmm nope.

I can see it like that

With all the flock creatures the one in the middle is the most colourful, the one on the right (I think) is intermediate and the one of the left is drab. It is an interesting design choice.


Just different neck angles. They’re pretty much the same but arranged so you can see all three of them in the clock.

3 compsos in a clock & a another thing


Lmao. You work fast.

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had to do it before you fixed it lol

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I love those drawings