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Has Boosts 2.0 helped with arena variety?

Compared to the original boost era, I play very lightly boosted now - only 3 dinos. As I rise and fall depending on my mood I am wondering if anyone else is noticing any more variety in the arena? I’m not too sure if it really is a bit better, or if it just seems like it to me. I do notice that some creatures have completely lost favor with a lot of the players, except for those that are really dedicated to them - dilo, utarinex, tenonto.

For me, boosts 2.0 and the introduction of a new dino has made my team even more weirder than it was… (I like to think so, anyway) I love the two Indomius’, and finally got Thyla to 30. My boosted critters are Indom, Indom2, and Smiley.

So, your experiences in the arena? A little more variety? or the same old crap over and over? Anything you’re seeing less and less of?


I’ve been seeing a few different dinos. not many tho. Mostly thor, DC, trykos and erlidoms.
occasionally, things like nodopatotitian, and stegocera make an appearance.
4700-4950 range.

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Yeah I’ve actually binned my Dracoceratops and able to use a couple of new ones in my team, and held steady In lower library at the minute, would love me some level 30,s how is Thylocator working for you? love the design of her mines 20 so not battle worthy yet.

i see maxima… and maxima. the other day i saw maxima too. standing by another maxima.


i saw 1 maxima today. My opponenet swapped it in on my tryko. Was able to take it down with only being slowed.

oddest thing i saw was lvl 30 boosted stegoceratops. besides that, the occasional indog2. still see the same stuff besides that.

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It’s funny, I don’t see too many. Even when I get to the higher end of my range. Maybe it’s just the way the teams are drawn that I’m not seeing them every other battle. Maybe 1 in 5 or so.

5800, everyone starts with them. the matchmaking is almost identical.

edit, did see some high boosted ornithomimus

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I usually start approaching my high score (5600, the day of reset) and get bored to death with boosted erlidom, thor, tryko, and magna. Then I drop again.


What ive been able to gather is some people put all their boosts on thor and are now dominating avairy like noones business… once you get into library the super boosted thors tend to become much rarer. So that says something about how good boosting thor is these days.

But yeah the boosted Maximas tend to replace the thors at 5200… so if you wanna play against thors stick to avairy and if you wanna play against maximas push into library.


I’m seeing a lot of Stygidaryx lately.


At 5200 yesterday i fought maximas like 7/12 matches…

Thankfully everyone likes to start with them… which means i can normally get a revenge kill off on them and if its with tryo can usually get 2 sometimes 3 kills.

Been trying to break out of aviary, but my team is only in the low 20s. I’d be decimated in lockwood and above. I need to do some more grinding.

I’m seeing the same dinos basically as was prior to the boost reset. With boosts harder to get you can’t try out others to see if you like them unless you want to try unboosted. Not seeing many players attempting that. If ludia wants players to use various dinos they need to drop the boosts or sell tokens that enable us to refund all the boosts on a dino to apply to a new dino to test it out.


it wouldn’t be a problem if friendlies actually worked. But i do see your point.

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No at least in low aviary that i am. My trophy range is 4600-4800. Same dinos expect from the occasional weird one like indo2, maxima, gemini, spyx, phorusaura.

Strange I have seen a couple of those now…

At what level. I am in lower library and seeing none. The reason I ask is I have one, benched…

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Bouncing in between low Library and upper Aviary and it’s mostly the same stuff. Boosted Thor’s, boosted rats, Trykos and Erlidoms. I have noticed more Tryos popping up and Stegods seem to have made a comeback.

I’m in mid to high aviary, and usually the Stygidaryxes are between 21 and 23, some boosted.