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Has Boosts 2.0 helped with arena variety?

Down in the 3500 range, the variety is pretty good with a core of the same dino’s which I think is because of resource availability. Since they started rotating the alliance mission rewards, the variety has broadened a lot and even more when they super nerfed the Sinoceratops, Stegoceratops, and Einiasuchus’s. The more time has gone, the better the variety.

The down side to playing in this range on my 2nd account is the players are all still relatively new and don’t have much of the new stuff. I have literally everything good up to legendary’s at team playing level right now which is a lot of fun switching my teams around all the time.

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I’m in lower to mid Library. Since the boost reset I’ve been seeing MORE hyper boosted Thors and Dracorats.
I thought I had left them behind in the Aviary, but the boost reset seems to have been used as an opportunity to reinvest in them by many players.

I have noticed that Stegodeus is making a comeback, which is nice.