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Has Fusing Algorithm Changed?

Did 10 fuses today. 9 of them were 10, only one was a 20. Stinks because a lot of those were working toward Mammotherium. Wondering is something might have changed to lower the fuse rates.

No they have not. They have no reason to change it without telling us anyway.

I know the feeling when you get endless tens. I restart the game if I’m on a ten DNA streak. The good fuses always seem to return after that.


I am not saying they have changed it, but really? They often change things without telling us

Thanks though @bobbymcfeen and @_Leon. I usually get streaks of 3 to 4 tens and then it goes up. This just seemed like a very long streak.


I also had bad fuses in the last few days. You might be right.

I’ve actually had very generous fusions since the update. It’s also possible my luck has been below average before the update, which my brother believes.
I think the algorithm’s the same as before. However, I also tend to think when I get a few tens and nothing else that today’s not a good day for spinning or the dino’s being uncooperative for a while. I don’t know how the algorithm’s programmed. And then when I get a really awesome spin, I go crazy spinning all my DNA for everybody and the results can be wondrous.

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I feel like this might need a re-post :wink:


Was that article not written prior to the last update, before they introduced multi fusion?

OP simply asked if something might have changed, I believe that is a valid question and possibly a concern.

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I actually had good fuses while was playing. I started seeing more numbers instead of 10. Yes be jealous of me.

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We’ve had people ask about it since update and nothing changed on the tables at all. Multi-fusing actually uses the same tables in fact so the average is still the same.


I also believe the algorithm for multi-fusing is the same. Seeing the numbers as they come, they seem to have the same randomness as single fusions. They do seem very consistent with averaging out, as people notice. But I’ve also gotten 50 out of one 5-fusion and 200 out of another. They still have their drastic ups & downs on occasion as well


I got 100 on a carno fuse yesterday…

But honestly my advice for fusing is this… when you fuse, save for a multi fuse unless your like 50 dna away. Because when i do the 5 fuses i almost always get somewhere between 90-110 on them… and it feels so much better then geting 10s . There is nothing different it averages out the same but its way less soul crushing.


Thanks everyone. Sometimes I drag out my tin foil hat when I get a bad streak like that!


Can you change the title for the article? Rigged implies something dishonest being done, a game that you cannto win, and so on.

The fusion is not rigged: it comes with a built-in weight function, which is a totally different kettle of fish. It’s a good tool they designed to mitigate the luck factor in fusing some dinos, especially uniques. If odds where the same, you’d have the same probability of scoring 3 “100” in a row as of scoring 3 “10” in a row, and this would seriously create a series of issues in terms of level of players vs dinos they have, in the long run, whereas with the current system more or less we all get a similar progress (talking of great numbers, not of singularities of course)

Reading “the system’s rigged” makes me think of a click-bait title, whereas your site usually provides solid information and doesn’t need click-baits.

Thanks for reading it.

PM if you wanna enter the details of math, distributions, and probabilities.

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I’ll def pass that feedback on to the author! That’s honestly just his style of writing but I can appreciate where you are coming from. The article actually proves that it isn’t rigged and provides numbers and statistics to back that up.


I actually like the way the title is written, it attracts those who think it is rigged.

I’ve honestly had my doubts about the game. It is rigged, although not rigged so you can’t win (by your definition) but rather rigged in the sense that it entices many players by the belief you must pay to advance. Matchmaking is a good example of this rigged system.

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I’dn’t say matchmaking is rigged either. It’d be rigged if by definition every time you go up X steps, the matchmaking algorithm picks someone so high above you that you’re bound to lose. We don’t have this, so, it’s not rigged. However, the matchmaking algorithm is a bad algorithm, which was made crappier by the advent of boosts, and the issues of said algorithm are so much more evident every time they compress the ranks for trophies resets.

As for your other point, some companies (and I’ve read Ludia is among them, but Ludia might be just a rumor, whereas of other companies I’m sure - I’ve friends who worked for them) hire shrinks specialized in addictions to trigger this feeling of “false need” and addiction in players so that they are more prone to buy their stuff

(now this I really don’t understand, a shrink is someone who’s supposed to help people getting rid of their addiction, not help companies making billions of dollars out of other people’s miseries. How some people can sleep at night remain for me a mystery)

I have been rolling 30s and higher a lot more since the new year started. I don’t know it just comes in waves

Actually this is Revenge for all that smack you been talking on the boost sales. :rofl: Lydia listens…

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I don’t ever fuse on a Monday. Seems like I get way more 10s on Monday than any other day. Probably just my imagination.