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Has immunity Become too wide spread

I been playing since launch and I remember when you had immune Dino it Was really something sure we only had the dimetrodons and indom but they were something special and unique to the line of dinos. Yet it seems after 1.8 ludia has gone wayyy of the rails. Now we have immune to distraction, immune to decel, immune to stuns, immune to distraction, immune to swap prevention, immune DoT and the regular immunity it just seems ludia want everything to be immune into some way now heck the new Cenozoics all got an immune to things that would be there counter and or weakness. The mammoth and rhino being immune to DoT and the deer immune to decel. And even the dinos and hybrids Baja and bajabdon being immune to bleed and gamma and allo immune to swap prevention and allo also having immune to decel.

It seems like instead of making new or old dinos good by buffing and reworking there kits they are like okay let’s see what is Indoraptor weak to stunning and distracting huh okay let make it immune to that then and basically wiping out a lot of its counters.

And like some don’t make sense like why is Gemini immune it has nothing in it’s lineage to say well this is immune so this should be too. And like paramol was is it immune to stuns and you be like well it’s mixed with stiggy to it should be but then why is stiggy not immune

I feel like ludia is just leaning on the cruch that is immunity instead of trying to like make good dinos i mean poor alloraptor sucks and the only reason it’s good immune to decel. Same with Bajaodon like it’s honestly worse than Eddie since it can’t stand up to much anymore but it’s “better” cause it has immune to DoT. It just honestly sad that immunity is now way to common and sure it’s helped like some dinos like indo, maxima, erlidom and magan be top tier but there not special anymore or even in uncommon I mean literally look at this the first one is when you search immunity whether it be full or partial

And the bottom one is all tyrants

Literally the only difference out of all the top endgame dinos is tryko being the the only one thats not immune in anyway and it still in tyrant since the beginning and when ludia suddenly decides to strip a lot of things of immunity it my be the few still up there cause alot of them rely on there immunity to be good not there stats or abilities or skills. We just need more trykos good old reliable plain dinos with flaws and strengths

Is immunity

  • too common
  • Not common enough
  • Annoying
  • just right

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How should the immunity problem(if you believe there is one be fixed)

  • Certain creatures should lose and or change there immunities
  • No creature should have more than one partial immunity
  • Immunity should be overall changed
  • Nothing should be changed
  • The creatures should be changed

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Well dang seeing as most of you believe that their too many what dinos should lose or change there immunities( ps this applies to only those with partial not full immunity)

I actually suggested 4 months ago they add Immunity to stuns and other such things, it’s a decent way to close a dinosaurs weakness without making it totally immune to everything like classic immunity.


I mean I’m not say it bad it’s just it shouldn’t be on everything now. Like Orion’s weakness are stuns, distraction, and slow but it gets immune to distraction right but it didn’t need it cause of side step. Same with kelenken and phora they don’t need immunity since they always have a cleansing move ready. Indoraptor was always really distraction stun since slowing was easy to counter back considering you don’t just waste cleanse turn one but adding immune to stuns and distraction caused ALOT of it counter to just stop being really good at ther job

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Been saying this since 1.11 hit and we got see what the meta looked like without draco… and i almost want him back. Almost.

Where do they go from here with adding more dinos… they have to have some kind of immunity or their not played. Ludia dug themselves into a corner where immunities are going to be a requirement to even consider a dino for end game.

And those dinos that didnt benefit from the immunities handouts like rinex, dilor, utahsino whos kits and stats are balanced around their ability to distract and stun. Are rendered useless by passives.

You wanna hand out immunities thats what cautious strike should have been… clense and immunity for 2 turns… not passive abilities that dont make you spend a turn to use them.

Otherwise where is my dino that can passively hit through evasive on every attack, that doesnt require a specific attack like definite, precise, nullify. Something like dio. But not just his counter attacks.

My baby will never lose her charm.

On a serious note, I like how some are only immune to certain things. Though some of the immunities are questionable.


I mean that’s fine makes sense with the dimetrodon dna running thru her veins but I’m more saying it just to common to have creatures be immune to the counters or weakness

Indo g1 is the best example of why handed out immunities isnt the best way to balance things…

Indo g1 vs tryko was probaly the pinnacle of matchups with the fight able to go either way and their was the ability to outplay or get outplayed.

Then they gave indo immunity to distractions and stuns and it just wins 100% of the time without even having to think. It doesnt need immunity to distractions it has a clense… let it keep stuns and have to use its clense as more of a do 1.5 damage cause i only need to clense against a few meta dinos.


The immunity to stuns confused me.


But was honestly the only immunity it needed cause like he said now when you face indo there is nothing you ca do to stop that rampage maybe switch distracting for slow which besides stun is indos number on enemy

Like it’s fine for a Dino if it has say one immune but Having say two or more just might be much

Yeah and dinos that have clenses dont need immunity to distractions or bleeds. They already have a way to remove them.


And some just don’t need them at all like phora swap in provention okay side step or (can’t believe I’m gonna say it) spxs doesn’t need immune to decel sure it’s nice that it has it but almost nothing would change it still b great against chompers and speedsters, tanks would counter it but not before it gets wound off so it won’t be an issue,if nemys lose immune then sure he will be stunned be they won’t do much against 50% armor and if it has it up a shield. Orion lose immune to distraction no prob just sidestep no worries.

But again this not saying immunity should be yeeted out of the game not at all some dinos need immunity to be great or to even be viable like thylo, allo, maxima, monolorhino, and sure indo. Without immunity it just be dumb to ru no them they should be good but not counter everything something throws at it without some draw backs

I’ve noticed that a lot of the speedsters are immune to decel now.

WHY!? What’s the point of having creatures with slowing abilities if you make the fastest ones immune to it?

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Yes but actually no

I don’t mind those dinos getting the immunities they got, except for gemini. I don’t think It should be immune, It feels bad for the meta having just this one extremely strong dino being immune. If It wasn’t, and got back it’s high stats, It would still be very strong, and the fact that It is strong would make things like stun, bleed and distraction a must to deal with It. With Gemini getting immunity, this simple change tips the balance too far into immune meta. For other strategies like stun, bleed and distraction to work well we need more non immune strong endgame dinos. So that there is a point to having those bleeders and stunners in our teams. Right now it’s clear that the more immune dinos we have the better we do. When the time comes where there isn’t a dominant type of dino on everyone’s teams then we have balance. And the teams will be a result of preference, not what is absolutely better.

And basically the dodge meta again like have you noticed immune creatures are getting buffed in stats I mean look at indom one of the most powerful hybrids in the game
This was it just five months ago

This is it now

Now here secdontosaurs before


Magana before


Erlidom before


And finally trysor before


Also let’s not forget proceratamimus

Sure they small buffs but it’s just like ludia to slowly creep some class of dinos up and up until bam op

And sure some like postdimetrodon monometradon, and munis have got screwed these couple of patches but it seems for the Most part immunes are getting buffed

Its almost like their tring to force some dinos out of the meta without outright nerfing them. But the writing is seems to be on the wall… dilor pretty much already fell… sino hybrids are next. Maybe not thor he doesnt rely on distractions as much. And boosts will keep him relevant if your really attached to him.


Ya but those who really on stuns, distractions, slowing, and bleed are really suffering

I don’t mind them being strong, immunity doesn’t make up for bad stats, but we need more non immune variety.