Has Jam City Ruined JWA

Rant time. I’m sure this topic will get removed, not like anything said matters to ludia but I’m sick and tired of the players getting disrespected like this.

The game is just a broken mess and continues to get worse after every patch, which I thought was meant to fix the problems. The game has been on a steady decline for once but perhaps the developers are getting ready to kill the game and that could explain why they don’t care about the game or the players, just about selling bundles and over priced season passes.

Bundles. Before we would get the same bundles cycled and it would usually be something that was already out. Now the game can only be enjoyed to the fullest if you pay to win. We get bundles day 1 for creatures that are exclusive and won’t be able to dart in game (rexy, reodrigues solitaire). Now we have new bundles almost every day.

Season pass is a scam. Ive played a handful of other games that have season passes and I have never seen one so overpriced. On top of vip, the season passes are not worth it at all. On top of offering no incentive to buy it, unless you are a player who buys everything in game

Broken stops, there’s always a new problem and ludia never addresses it and hardly compensates the player base. They just sweep it under the rug and expect us just to forget about it, because we do.

I could go on and on but wasting time on ranting is like wasting money on a season pass. I may be wrong but I’ve been playing the game since the start and have seen the gross progression. Leave your thoughts, before ludia removes


This, I’m certain this is what’s happening. Where I come from, another company was bought by Americans and a similar trend happened, the company was more and more greedy while falling appart only to be destroyed in the end.

Not hating on the US btw, it’s just that the new owners were Americans.


If you compare it to say…pokemon Go, from which I reckon a lot of people came, the difference in pricetag and absolute P2W behavior is glaringly obvious. Paying hundreds of dollars just for a single incubator and some coins is ridiculous, a season pass which costs 23 euro and apparently has to be re-purchased after several levels within the current season is just plain theft. The fact that it is actually only the premium version which has the supply drop bug is just cynically hilarious and yes, though I don’t want to admit it so readily… this reflects yet again on how american companies seem to work, with more interest in generating money at the expense of their customer base rather than satisfying the customer and being able to earn on their staunch loyalty. I.E. this is activision, EA all over again…


True though I never played PoGo I did play a couple of PvZ games, including PvZ2 a couple of months after launch and even those aren’t as greedy.

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I 100% agree. This was easily the worst update the game has ever seen, and is a perfect example of how the game has been ruined. I honestly didn’t think the update could be this bad, but here we are. The amount of P2W content is at its highest, tons of major bugs that shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place, and the mission system having so many impossible missions. Inactive DNA requests is a bug that’s been in the game for years yet is only just now being “looked into”. Map lag is unbearable, yet nothing has been done to fix it. Friendly battles have been completely broken for well over half a year, yet has been completely ignored. There are just so many inconveniences we have to deal with when they shouldn’t even be issues in the first place.

No matter how ruined the meta becomes or how overpowered the newest creatures are, I’ll still play the game. But I can’t play the game if the game is completely broken. Many players including myself have dedicated so much time to this game, supporting it, giving it ideas, and being inspired by it. This would be the worst possible way for the game to die.


Yes they have ruined the game

Bottom text

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All of the above!!!


This game is full of bugs . Maybe its time for Universal studios to take away licence for Jurassic World / Park from Ludia because this is not normal any more .


Couldn’t agree with you more. Speaking as an American who once worked for a Swedish assemble-it-yourself furniture company here in the US, as soon as the American “suits” got their way things began to go downhill.

Nah they should give them an ultimatum. Fix the game or lose the license.

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@EXCheeky i didn’t know you still played the game :eyes: :wave:

The new update must have been so bad that they came out of retirement to say it was bad


I’m American. I take no offense at these comments about American businesses. I see stuff happen here all the time with American-run businesses that is just messed up (we have some great businesses as well). Not saying this is how JamCity does stuff - I do not work there and hope things are on the up-and-up. But, we do have negative reputations with many large corporations here in the US for a reason.

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It’s been terrible even before Jam City took over, but that said they certainly haven’t helped the situation and only made it worse because of what people have said above. I feel like Jam City only added more ways for the game to suck money out of it’s players.

My tl;dr is that the company…companies? idk as a whole keep adding things, introducing more bugs and then take way too long to actually fix anything. And it’s incredibly disheartening to see old bugs resurface that took years to be fixed.

I find it incredibly hard to actually keep playing through all the lag and bugs and my patience and tolerance are wearing super thin.


But that would mean JW;TG getting shut down as well