Has JWA helped you loose weight


So since starting this game in June, I’ve lost 7 pounds and my wife has lost 15 pounds.

We are both purposely dieting and all the running out going after epics, certain rares and doing strike towers is helping to burn off the fat. We go for long walks and bike rides to parks and the school on the event drops. That has been great help to keep us out and away from the snacks.

I keep track of my biking and hit 420 miles today for the year, a good 350 miles is playing JWA. I walk 2 miles every day at lunch at work playing JWA so for the last 15 weeks, that adds up to 150 miles of walking just at work and have no idea how much more I’ve accumulated outside of work.

A lot of the reason I like this kind of game is it gets me out.

Has this helped anyone else either loose or keep off adding weight?


That’s great that’s why I like these type of games keeps you active… Keep it up :grin:
As for me I don’t need to lose any weight but it keeps me fit.


That’s amazing! You should be really proud of yourself, your wife too!

I’m in the healthcare field and I know how it can be challenging to get started on the “journey.”
Keep going strong guys!

Hersh (2723)


Not much, nothing cause i never play this game walking the spawns rate are patheric, i ever drive in car or motocicle preferently whit a support for mobile, even driving i must run all my city hours to find something usefull


My gas bill has gone up. :smiley:

In all seriousness though, I don’t watch my weight and I recently changed what I eat. Between that and the additional walking I can tell from the looser fitting jeans that I have lost some weight.


My gas bill also has gone up double, recently I’m trying to walk on my own legs but kinda end up on bed after that. lol


I’m an avid cyclist. The thing I have to worry about is trying not to hit anything :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I know it would be safer to just run but I wouldn’t cover as much ground lol. I wouldn’t know about weight but at least this game takes me outside for a reason hehe.


Nope…still obese but my gas bills have sky rocketed. Luckily though my reflexes are still great else my vehicle insurance premium will increase as well.


Gas bills? How?


You drive around from one region to another just so you can find the type of dinos you need.


This game is sadly a driving game for many. Spawns in some areas is just the same three dinos over and over. I work near this huge park, that has many things in it for other games (Ingress 120+ portals, PoGo 5 gyms, 40+ stops), but for JWA, there are about 5 supply drops, which frequently are taken over for strike events.

Needless to say when playing JWA it’s just easier to play on the drive to and from work, or errands around town, since that is about the only time it’s “worth” playing locally. There are more supply drops in my subdivision (which isn’t that big) than the huge park near work.

If I want to lose weight while playing a game, I will play more Ingress. Lots of walking & stuff to do in that one.


yup. i go for a walk in the morning and 2 at night. that will probably drop to 1 per day once i lose the last 10 or so pounds i need to. i don’t walk for the game, but it’s like a “might as well play while i’m out” sort of thing. and when the events were at parks i’d ride my bike and dart stuff for like an hour a day. i found driving to be a waste of time. i know where the zones are, but you just have to pray that what you want is there when you go :unamused:

kind of like working, exercising and playing a game all at the same time :+1:


Unfortunately, this is more of a driving around game. The places that I used to go and walk around for Pokemon Go has twice as many spins as what Jurassic World has. But now, the stops are so spread out here in Orlando that’s it’s easier to go out for a drive and do my hunting. This is really unfortunate because JWA is superior in alot more ways. I wish they would release more spins in the theme parks, downtown Orlando, and just in general 3x the amount that’s out there now. And have increase dino spawning.


Not enough spawns to lose weight myself if there was more than a spawn per K I would not have to hunt off pub transport(to save on fuel!)


I lost over 10lbs, but Im slowly working my way up in weight. Ive been burning more cals then I’m consuming :rofl:


Since the 1.4 update I’ve been walking significantly more, an hour or so a day after work. I’ve cycled to work for years and I’ve even started taking detours to pick up dinos (especially the Special Event ones) but it’s good to get a little bit of extra exercise. I’ve yet to see a noticeable difference though but time will tell.


And you would think there would be more and better spawns in Jurassic Park at IOA. :smiley: