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Has Ludia just changed matchmaking again?

Since the release of 1.8, I have been consistently matched with opponents that were 100 to 300 trophy points above me.

Two days ago, I noticed I started winning far more matches. Instead of one win in three, I was now winning 80% of my matches. This morning, I won 5 and lost 1. I watched my “Recent Opponents” as I fought and was surprised to see that all six opponents were within 75 points of my trophy count at the time I played them. Before this, 90-95% of my opponents outranked me. This was balanced with 50% being slightly higher than me and 50% being slightly lower than me.

I also noticed when playing yesterday that the older logic of getting an AI bot if you lose two in a row seems to be back. You can tell because the AI uses high-level dinosaurs that nobody in their right mind would level up that high. (I took on a level 24 Diplocaulus yesterday.) The AI also has a tendency to swap back and forth near the end of a battle without trying to hit you. The last time I saw behavior like this, it was back in Patch 1.6. My wife is reporting a similar thing, but not as drastic.

Has anyone else noticed a change in the matchmaking over the last two or three days?
Are your opponents now closer to your own trophy count?

I know about the “lucky run” scenario, but I have never experienced it since 1.8 dropped.

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You made me restart the game just in case, but nope, still awful matchmaking here (Played two games, and lost 3-1 while just being barely able to kill one dino). I’ve seen some streak like you just had in the past. (Seem almost like the game think: shoot if I don’t let that player have a good sequence soon, I’ll loose him). Then, not long after, the horrible matchmaking is back again. So enjoy this run while you can!

You’re right, I just fought a dude with boosted normal dinos between lvl 20-24

Well, the only other thing it might be related to is that I just bought hard cash for the first time in months.

They’d better not be tying arena matchmaking to dollars spent in the store. I don’t think the user base would tolerate that.

Has anyone else spent real money in the store and suddenly had a string of good luck in the arena?

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I haven’t noticed too much difference in the arena, but the tournament was definitely trophy based for my first 8 battles. I expected to face L29/30 teams, but had to work my way up there.

I would guess you just had players you don’t normally face because the usual ones are playing the tournament.
It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a direct link between success and spending cash though. Did you use the cash for boosts?


So it’s possible your team has been improved and is now more adept at beating the opponents then?

As a general rule, on the Sunday of a tourney, most people are really pushing to get more medals. That means there’s a chance to bump your trophy count! If you seem to be winning, keep going, and maximize this lapse in extra boosted teams

I went up by abt 150 trophies today to 5155 at highest count, so am not sure if it means there is a change in mm.

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Matches are now much closer. Opponents are plus or minus 100 trophy points from your current score (in the 2000-4250 range, anyways). If you lose two in a row you get an AI opponent.

I am telling you all… matchmaking has been changed back to the way it was in V1.6.
All four members of my family are seeing the exact same thing, and it has been this way for four days now.

Matchmaking has definitely changed. Speaking from someone that usually spends their battles bouncing between 4500-4800.

I generally only do enough battles to win 5 times a day, for various reasons i’ve got an incubator system running. So when I win the 5th battle I don’t visit the arena for the rest of the day.

About a week ago I won 5 battles in a row that pushed me into the 4800’s getting my new all time high score. Since then i’ve not had any bad losing streaks. Today I was at approximately 4835 and I won 5 battles in a row pushing me upto 5012.

I don’t believe it has anything to do with the season, there’s no reason the season would have impacted my battles for the last 2 weeks.

So yes I do believe some changes were made to the matchmaking.

P.S. 5000 doesn’t give a one-time incubator offer… Ludia must be ill.