Has Migration happened


Has the migration happened yet. Hasn’t for me :disappointed:


I believe you just answered your own question! I haven’t seen any changes either.


it did, tho not much changed so far.
Spino is now in zone 4, and stehosaurus is now a night spawn too and brachio is spawning for instance.


Don’t think so, Mine is still full of Diplocaulus. :frowning:


Yep I just saw a rare Spinosaurus in my area and they have never spawned here before. It could be the ultra rare spawn anywhere thing but it’s a bit of a coincidence


I’m getting a lot of rare Spinos as well


Same, now I see the Spiny boi everywhere when he was a pain to collect before.


@Ravensaurus good now we can have love for utahspinoraptor. :smiley:


I saw this ol’ girl tonight, so I’d say so.


@Jonus they did the maintenance and i missed that epic strike tower. Dang it.


Luckily I did that one earlier yesterday, so I only had a little more DNA to collect.


I’m also seeing a lot more giraffe titan is it a global spawn instead of Armagasaurous? I’m zone 4


Zone 4 was already plenty of Giraffatitan (I am local zone 4 as well). I used to see Spinosauro (1.3 release) in the border of zone 4 with zone 1, but now it seem to spawn also in the middle of zone 4.

These will be so exciting days to discover as much as we can! :heart_eyes:


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If you ignore the event to see real spawn rates they aren’t good. Walked 7 miles apparently can’t post map but it was all zone’s. Just 3 rares Nodosarus Spinesaurus Triceratops. No epics. Lots of the new common flyer.

As bad as I’ve seen. But they just launched expansion you’d think they’d be trying to get people to play.

Better not be the new normal.


So far it seems that only some dinos were added/changed in zones.

Still have Iguanodon and Diplocaulus everywhere.


I’ve had nights like that before the update, so I’d say that’s normal.


Hope the rotation happens soon, not just for battling but also to collect different dino’s


I have a feeling because there are two special event Dinos now, it may be hard to tell if there’s a significant change … for me at least.

Charlie is my “home raptor” but Ive always seen a lot of Dinos from other zones too

Definitely need to mix things up tho


In the interest of balance. To my post yesterday suggesting too low spawning. Today’s morning walk got me.
2 Dimetrons
1 Postosucus
1 Utahraptors.
1 Gryposucus
1 Trex
1 Baryoynx
1 Pyroraptor
1 Brachiosaurus

So sure yesterdays walk just bad day.