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Has no one noticed?

The event calendar for this week has THREE boost strikes on it? Not sure how I feel about that…

and - will they be in the store daily after the new update?


The 3 boost strikes are because of the reset. The in-store boost sales will most likely continue because it’s something most people are already used to.

they will probably be in the store. no reason not to be. But the more boost strikes available to FtP people mean that they can collect more boosts per week (yes, so can those who spend, but those people will be much higher anyway) allowing them to somewhat keep up with low-mild spenders.

I’m pretty sure the 3 strikes are only for this week in light of the boost reset that’s coming with this update.

It probably is only for this week for the new 2.0.

However, not sure it’s because of the boost reset… what difference does that make?

I think it’s the combination of 2.0 and the reset.

Just throwing opinions out there without any official announcement about it.