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Has PVP changed?

Hope the title generated a few laughs :wink:

But I’m not talking about the obvious,

I mean that before update 12 PvP felt like it was working more like it should, I was winning more than 50% of the time, I was having some chess matches, it wasn’t always predictable who would win, it was often enjoyable and I was sitting at 3200.

I’m back to 2400 and I’m losing most of the time, I can almost predict 100% who will win before anyone moves, chess matches are very rare and it’s seems completely pre-determined and not enjoyable at all.

Further , I was previously same Level-ish as opponents and now I’m 1-2 levels higher. It actually seems like a liability Eg It’s almost invariable that when I have my level 14 wizard she will get dominated and I won’t have a chance to defend against it, taunt or restore.

Has anything changed other than shuffling us around, matchmaking, new leagues? (Other than archer bow changes which I never used anyway)

Personally I think part of the issue is that following the event everyone seems to have the wizard legendary grimoire = outcome more determined by chance.

Must be more than this though