Has somebody seen some Dimetrodons?


Seriously, I haven’t seen even one Dimetrodon after update 1.3. They have to make a week with dinosaurs which have immunity as event creatures or let him appear more often in the wild.

I finally want to make that monster.


I see a lot in local zone 2.


Really? Then I guess I‘m just really unlucky, because I‘m living near local zone 2 but haven’t seen any Dimetrodons.


Your Dimetrons is lvl 20 you must of seen quite a few at some point.

My Dimetrons is lvl 15. Only gets used on Postimetrodon.


I have loads of him because before update 1.3 they were everywhere, but after that update zero Dimetrodons for me.


Lots of Gen 2 around where I live but I haven’t seen a regular Dimetrodon for ages.


There is one street that’s on my hunting route that ALWAYS has one single rare dime. It must be a nest or something because he’s there pretty much everyday. He’s the only one I ever see.


I see way more dimetrodon than dracorex and limiting factor for me is clearly irritator. Can’t wait for new chances to dart him.


I see one or two at night going home from work. Also Dracorex seems more available at night.


Yes. Before 1.3 they were everywhere. I didn’t like it but sorta picked them off anyway. Now I regret passing any of them up. I still see them, just not as often.


It’s mechanics like this that keep me darting Edmontosaurus.


get out to a good L2 area that spawns deino heavily and youll see them randomly pop up. its still rare but they do. youll also see some dracorex


Pretty rare for me as well along with Dracorex even though I live in that zone three times a week :joy: My Dimetrodon is still only level 10, I think I will stop using it to fuse for Postimetrodon


It’s 500 dimetrodon per fuse for magna!!

Jeeez… looks like I found my goals for 2019! :grimacing::grimacing:


Lots and lots at L2


In this post we can see why dont rotate zones is unfair


I see, at best, two dimetrodones a week. I have 4000 DNA of Postosuchus waiting and every time I have more … each time it is more difficult to generate Postimetrodon and therefore get the Tryostronix (although finding Baryonix is even more difficult) … I do not even think about getting MagnaPyritor. …at the current pace I would need to live 200 years :slight_smile:

At first I had dimetrodons but never Postosuchus. With the change of version it was the other way around.


Get at least a couple a day in Zone 2 - had started to give up collecting them until I realised you needed a L20 for Magnapyritor - I have the L20 now and 2148 DNA towards fusing; Pyrritator is L19 with 209/250. Just need Irritator DNA.


Well, getting Irritator DNA is frustrating. They are not wild and in soil incubator I get as much as 30 DNA per day in days that I’m lucky. Since I need about 1000 DNA to go from 16 to 17, 1500 more to pass it to 18 and 2000 more to pass it to 19 when it would start to be useful (my team is on average 21), I will need about 150 days to get them … And then my team will probably be averaging 24 or 25 and it will not work either. There is the option of leaving in a week and Irritator is the best option of rare in it. Another option is that I come out in a rare incubator … but in them I only get Proceratosaurus, Purrusaurus and Koolasuchus Gen 2, all very useful (Ironic mode on :slight_smile:


I stocked up on Irritator DNA during the two events we have had - maxed out all attempts and got to high L18; battle/event strike incubators have nudged it to where it is now.