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Has something changed with pricing? Is it tax?

I bought a Halloween bundle with an advertised price of $49.99 and was charged $52.24. I am wondering what the additional charge is for.

Sounds like it. Comes to a nice even 4.5%.

I’ve run small business and that’s not legal unless I’m driving to ludia and picking up product as far as I know.

is this company based out of canada?

Charging sales tax is illegal.

Lol I’m dead

I hope you do not get audited


Sales tax is not illegal in the US. It’s on practically every purchase.

It depends very much on the purchase. If I order something from amazon and it ships from within state I pay tax. If it is shipped from out of state I don’t. Paying sales tax to a company in Canada when I am in the USA is not right.

I really hope you don’t run a small business

Who is charging the tax tho? Is it Ludia or is it ITunes or Google Play?

I’m not about to run through US tax law for you but someone must pay it in most cases in regards to place of purchase. It does not just go away :joy:

In the state of Minnesota you cannot charge tax to a customer if the product is being shipped out of state.

I do not know this for sure but the transaction facilitator mandates it (eBay for example it maybe even Apple) and the seller must pay it so it’s charged.

Holy hell sales tax is now a conspiracy by Ludia around here. Hahahaha

I posted because I want to know for sure so if someone has insight that is great. This isn’t my first purchase from ludia, but it is the only one so far I’ve been charged extra for.

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I am wondering the same and will try to find out tomorrow.

There are cases where they must pay but someone must pay due to rather recent laws in the US claiming eBay purchases skirted this. The original plan was rthe correct sales tax being paid by the consumer (who owes them) but laws have been passed in many places about online purchases. There is no law where “since we crossed the border we don’t pay no taxes”

Its iTunes or Google play

Btw the statement about me running a small business wasn’t very nice at all. I’m not here to battle. I didn’t say that you go tax free by traveling the states. I don’t think it can be legal for ludia to charge tax and if it is then it should be stated at time of purchase.

maybe its a weight tax… did you get alot of appatosaurus dna in it?? :grin: i kid lol. but i would try to find out why all of a sudden you got charged that extra amount this time and not the other times.

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I apologize. No offense meant. I am truly hoping that you don’t think taxes suddenly don’t apply across state or even international lines for your sake.

And Ludia is likely having taxes assessed and paid by the transaction facilitator (Apple or android). Stated at the time of purchase and illegal? Lol. Everything is 19.99 until tax is added without telling you. Otherwise they would have to work their butts of to even know how to tax you for your region of purchase.

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@Pateradactyl i doubt it. Our GST is 5% … and every province but Alberta and the NWT have different amounts of PST as well …

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