Has Spinosaurus been overlooked?

So I’m scanning my collection looking to shake up my team, and here I see a monster nobody’s really been using past badlands.
The Spinotah’s are powerful and fast, but has anyone realized the raw bleeder potential of the base spino? With the vulnerability buff and the ability to go back and forth between gashing and exploit wound could Spino be a force to be reckoned with in high arenas?
An exploit wound hit followed by Draco2 swap in would be a x2.5 shattering hit with bleed. That’d down about anything right?
What do you guys think?

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It’s got a bleed but it’s not lethal wound. The opponent can survive the bleed so won’t be forced to switch out or cleanse at which point spinos lower stats mean he will get whacked without killing opponent

Kingdreadnaught (top 50) on the leadebaord was using a level 26 spino gen2 until just recently

It would do 3 X damage if opponent is vulnerable, but still not as effective as rampage and run into draco gen 2, plus spino itself is much weaker than higher class runners.