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Has stegoceratops and monostegotops SLOW IMPACT become 2 turns?


Faced utarinex 3 times today.

1 time as follows:

Utari’s action: distracting–>instant charge–> run away–> stegoceratops killed

Stegoceratops action: slow impact–> no action (stunned)–>being killed

2 times as follows:

Utari’s action: distracting–>no action (stunned)–>instant charge–> run away–> stegoceratops killed

Stegoceratops action: slow impact–> greater stunning strike–>no action (stunned)–>being killed

The same situation happened to monostegotops…

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The second one should be right. For some absurd and obscure reason the three turn speed reduction starts the turn in which you use the move, even if you are slower. This causes the effect to last two effective turns and not 3, literally burning a turn in which, in my opinion, you should have to be still faster.
Following this scenario rinex uses dr, you slow (but this is considered the first turn of speed reduction), then you have priority and stun (2nd turn of speed reduction), then it uses intant charge bypassing your priority (3rd turn of speed reduction). The turn after this the speed reduction is gone, it has priority to act first and run away killing your dino.
In the first scenario something is wrong due to the fact that if rinex uses ic the turn after being slowed, you should have priority again the turn later. Maybe did you swap in or something the first time?


The effects of Slowing impact and Thagomizer has been 2 turns for ages. There’s actually no difference between these and decelerating impact with only one turn cooldown. That’s why gigaspikasaur is much better than stegodeus in the current meta.

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Didn’t notice that is also for thago :sweat_smile:
So we can call this a bug?? Seems that slowing moves should get an overhaul and a revision next patch, it makes no sense that there are moves with same effects whit different turns of cooldown and different names :sweat_smile:


I don’t know. Even the cool down of slowing impact is reduced to 2 turns it’s still not as good as decelerating as long as the effect only last for two turns. It wasn’t noticed as many matchups don’t matter too much. Like rinex is still going to win against stegocera and monostego even with the 3 turn effect, only difference is rinex will be hit by one more turn but it’s going to run anyway.

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may be ludia changed something already but didn’t notice us.


Maybe it will not affect certain matchups, but Ludia could also play around the percentages of speed reduction to balance, also in anticipation of the possible change to superiority strike. To me, if a move has a longer cooldown compared to an other move of the same type, its effect has to be a little bit stronger to balance things out.
Aside from specific matchup, it’s more a question of “fairness”