Has Stun been buffed or bugged recently?


I’m honestly curious. Have stun chances been stealth-buffed through the roof, or is it just bugged to happen more often on moves with low stun chance (eg. Minimal Stunning Strike at 15%)?

I ask because it’s extremely frustrating losing 5-8 matches in a row to get deranked back down to Nublar Jungle, purely because every Stygiomoloch I’ve been fighting recently have inflicted 1-3 stuns per fight via Minimal Stunning Strike. I expect to almost be guaranteed to get stunned from Instant Charge, as it boasts a hefty 75% chance.

Minimal Stunning Strike, maybe once every couple of games where it comes into play. What I just went through, on the other hand, is utterly ridiculous. I go into Arena to PLAY Arena, not spend half my time on 1-2 dinos unable to do anything.


I sure does feel like it.


I use Stegoceratops and Einiasuchus, and I rarely get the minimal stun. It’s like 1 out of 20 tries for me. Einiasuchus barely even gets the stun when I do stunning impact. My Stegoceratops is a stun machine though.


I use monosteg and stegocera for stuns it does feel like something is going on there. I thought it was funny we got a survey and it wasn’t getting info on stuns proc rates!