Has Teno Become the new Thor?

Been facing down teno quit a lot in the upper library areas, to the point, i expect it more than even thor or Mortem.

Is it become the new creature that everyone shall call for a nerf, because it is becoming so common. Or am i just to new to this area to know how ‘common’ or ‘rare’ it is.

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Tenonto is does very big damage but that’s about it. Kinda underpowered imo. Thor has instant charge (tho it itself isnt that great) and mortem has cleansing impact.


Indeed, but tenonto can take down any thor it faces due to distractions, and healing.

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Not necessarily. Some Thors are nitro so can easily take out Tenonto in 2 hits.


Honestly, I would probably put another 10 points in speed or so on my TenRex since it can’t slow anymore, but then I wouldn’t be able to use it in raids anymore. I’ll probably be dropping Teno at the next boost reset since it doesn’t seem to be as effective anymore, unless they change its first move to superiority strike or something like that.

Yes I kept my Tenon speed at 123 or something similar mainly for the Mortem raid. I’ll also be dropping Tenon from my team at next boost reset.

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I think it’s mostly an overall meta effect. Before, Thor was the dino that you’d see a lot just below the high arenas. Now with new uniques like Phorurex, Testa, Skoona, etc. everyone has been knocked down a peg - they were displaced. So while Tenonto used to be a strong enough candidate to help carry you into the endgame, it’s no longer strong enough to do that, and hence you see it filling more of Thors old niche in the meta.


I use to love tenontorex. It was always my starter. It was great. Then they took away its first move to slow and now it sucks. Mine was unboosted though.

Tenrex is pretty easy to counter. It can just hit like a truck sometimes.

I would agree. I get more caught by it with stuff like thor and ardent. Meaning a win is hard with them.

And i am not saying it is op, i am just wondering if it the thor replacement, since it can heal distract. and hasa massive ramapge.