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Has the 2nd rare raid been leaked along with Friday raids?

On my topic Stun week - #6 by Stygionyx1 I was talking how titanoboa gen 2 rare incubator is seen along with Haast eagle epic incubator. Normally we have these on Friday but these are tests for raids.
The carnotaurus raid test

The potential new Friday and Titanoboa gen 2 raid

Do you believe these are going to be new raids or not.

I realized before I made this topic that the Haast eagle is the impossible like rank and the carnotaurus raid test was a Medium but also the titanoboa gen 2 is also there.

That can be possibility but when we beat the testing crano raid we won an epic incubator but from the look of the carno test it could have changed

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True but what you said a change maybe the incubator means that is the creature they will test

I hope the new epic raid is the Eagle. Iā€™m so close to lv30.
That additional dna will help so much.

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