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Has the A.I for the campaign been upgraded, in the unscheduled maintenance

As we know, in the campaign as well as all of the other A.I events, such as strike towers, creatures like indominus or indoraptor never went for cloak. But here the indominus went for cloak

So that made me wonder if the unscheduled maintenance was for updating the A.I. In another instance, I used a creature that could not break shields and the diorajasaur proceede to go for group shield on the first turn when he usually goes for resilient strike. So my question is, have ludia made the A.I tougher to beat during the unscheduled maintenance.

If this was a change, then it was not because of the unscheduled maintenance.
They’re not gonna bring down a game just to make an AI able to cloak. Besides, those are changes that you can make without bringing the game down.

AI doesn’t always do the same, it’s probably just a random strategy.

While yes, there now able able, or now do different moves, no the unscheduled maintenance was time the changed it.

I’ve noticed that the AI has started acting a little more intelligently lately. Not perfect but better.