Has the arena been glitching badly (turn-related) for anyone else?

In the past few days, I’ve had nothing but weirdness stemming from turn moves.

I’ve had distraction wearing off after one turn, speed ups lasting only a single turn rather than two, and some speed ups which don’t work at all when used in succession (for example: My Quetzorion is faster than Erlidom, Erlidom uses MSS, Quetz uses SS, Erlidom MSS, Quetz SS - If Quetz is faster, then the two speed up moves mean that Quetzorion should be faster, so why is Erlidom perpetually faster than Quetzorion? Note that this never happens with other dinos using SS or MSS, only Erlidom for whatever reason).

Sometimes I’ve even used the same move combo (and so has my opponent) with completely different results. I’m not sure this game even knows exactly what counts as a turn anymore.

Yes, I’ve noticed some weirdness where I went and it wasn’t my turn, another time the opponent killed me without going. A few others not so memorable, but weird turn related happenings. Not move related stuff so much as turn related.

Not connection issue related, as far as I know.

Yesterday I had Orion with 2 turn invincibility. It worked for 1 turn. The second, opponent Erlidom hit a swap out move, which didn’t hurt me, but then the shield went away, his Rat came in and killed me. I don’t know if it is supposed to work like that, since it was still the second turn. I think it was supposed to also avoid that rat…

As soon as the Erlidom swaps, the turn is over. Yup, intended.

That’s another oddity for me - there was one time I used LI and Erlidom used MSS, then the swap out move into DC, and the shield remained. That happened only one time though, so I thought it had been fixed to count as a turn?

I’ve noticed that every so often Indoraptor’s dodge only lasts two rounds rather than three.