Has the bear gone already? Haven't seen a single one after the update

Did anybody dart one after the update?

The event ended today, Arctodus was available from December 20th to Jan 25th.

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Today is still 01/25 here. We still have half a day of daytime left here. It’s unfair if it’s gone already.

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It probably ended when maintenance began, I’d assume.

I assume, too.

It’s very unfair for us in the pacific time zone that we miss a whole day for bear hunting.

@Ned can you please ask the team to add back the bear?

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Uhh that is how timezones work. You would have technically gotten the bear a half day ealier than other ones … so it all evens out.


It doesn’t even out. We miss the whole day. The maintenance started at 6 am our time so no bear before that. Then after the maintenance was finished, no bear at all. It’s still the daytime right now here. We are later in the time zone.

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I asked the support, and Ludia support said the spawn has not been changed. So has anyone ever darted a bear after the update?

Today is the 25th


Yes, so we should still have the bear. It’s still daytime here. No bear at all

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And how is that fair to other people who live in other parts of the world?

The bead would’ve left at 7 AM at your time, so you missed only an hour of hunting, which there was just where PST gets changes in this game as the day starts for most people

Why 7 am my time? Shouldn’t it be still available the whole day of 01/25? Should be around 6pm my time actually

What do you mean?

The maintenance ended at about 10:30 am my time, so we missed about 4 hours of daytime due to the maintenance, but that’s fine since it’s similar to the other parts of the world. But for the remainder of the day, we should still get the bear, because people in other timezones got the bear on 01/25.

What do you mean, what do I mean? Because not everyone who plays the game are on the West Coast or even Americans. In fact in parts of Asia (where a decent chunk of the player base is) it’s already Wednesday 12:30 pm, meaning as of 10:00 am PST, it would have been midnight for any players in that part of the world.

Not only would that not be fair to them, but what on Earth else could I have possibly meant with what I said earlier?


Unlike tournaments, event dinos and these dinos for pursuits follow local time zones. Thanks for your responses anyway.

Ludia support responded that they are investigating this issue, so I’ll just wait for their answer.

In my opinion, when something ends on a certain day, I’d expect it to end at the reset along with event changes and strike towers. So that would have been 10am eastern time on the 25th. The event would begin the same time on the given day originally, once things reset that morning (eastern time). I could be wrong.


Do you really think they’re going to say anything other than it was working as intended? Do you genuinely expect them to go, "Ah shoot, this one player didn’t get to dart an Arctodus on the exact day we already specified the Arctodus was no longer going to be available! Let’s give them 200 DNA!"

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Could be the explanation. Thanks.

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