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Has the game sort of died recently?

Since the last “update,” I’ve not done much except open the daily battle incubator regularly. I don’t know. I want to love/hate the game like I did before lol but looking at my recent activity I doubt it. In my opinion Ludia has been too greedy for me to continue giving a damn. I really want keep playing but they’ve pushed me away with obscene prices and yet the recent update doesn’t justify that demand or my motivation to keep paying. I know people pay that but my money is better spent elsewhere for those prices.


For me the game has got better and better, especially after the recent update. Sure, the costs are a bit high but you don’t need to pay out.


The arena seems just as toxic in lower library and upper Aviary and it certainly feels like the only way to move up is to spend money on boosts. Levelling up doesn’t work because inevitably my opponent is always faster with the same Dino. So I have a severe disadvantage from the off. So I’ve resigned myself to being stuck here for the time being.

But other than that, the map seems to have settled down now, and the spawns are ok. Strike towers and events seem the same as ever.

Alliance chat is still broken, but then it’s never been fixed so I’m kind of used to that.

The new system of alliance rewards is totally unfair to players below level 20 and just like the blood effects and in match emotes - pointless. I really fail to understand why these things get added when there are so many fixes that need to be implemented.

Overall the game seems to keep me coming back on a daily basis, despite the frustrations. I think the main reason for that is that I am part of a great alliance, and I have way too much spare time on my hands!


About 1000 players have overtaken me in the last week and I am on roughly the same level of trophies. So probably not dying, as such.

Totally agree it isn’t anywhere near as much fun as it used to be, and I do find myself playing more for my alliance than for personal desire, but all things have a shelf life. While my dinodex has empty spaces I will put up with the rest.

Well what’s lame to me is that they add 4 new creatures 3 mammals and 1 dino. The Dino is locked in parks. The rhino seems to only be in epic incubators. The mammoth is am reading is out for an amount of time. Then the dumb deer is yet to be in the game.

All of this makes it difficult and less fun to hunt and/or make the hybrids. Somehow I managed to get the mammoth hybrid to 20 and that was my goal. Someone in my alliance got a rhino so I’m a third of the way to making it. Then that unique is forever away. The bajada thing is level 10. I managed to drive 20 miles to a park and get maybe 3-4 with my rare scent. But now focusing all sanctuary items on the rhino.

My turtle legendary is still 19.5 because nasutoceratops is sanctuary only too. I managed to get alloraptor to 20 because I used lots of items on allo gen 2 before knowing a hybrid was coming soon and shooting it during events.

I just wish more Dino’s would come to the game and less new features and for sure less mammals or other non dinosaur creatures. Sure some features are needed like the alliance attendance, but the emoji and blood, Who cares? Birds in sanctuary? I’ve seen maybe 2 Darwin. Nobody cares for the stupid birds because they suck. That addition was needed updates ago.

Once you complete your dinodex and just wait to create the new ones from the latest update it gets boring because you have nothing to hunt except the abundance of Suchomimus in z4


Nothing bothers me more than when they add new “unobtainable” creatures. What’s the point of saying there is a new dino in the game, if it isn’t actually in the game?! Allo g2 and Nasuto were the first to really trigger me this way. Now they’ve done it again this update with the mammoth, rhino, and deer. They get you hyped about new creatures in the patch notes only to crush the hype when the patch actually drops. It’s as bad as clickbaiting youtube videos IMO. Almost feels like a scam.


Yeah we get “rick rolled” lol


I thought the new mammals were great for December and Christmas. Hopefully the next new creatures are only or mostly dinos though.

I’ve said it before but… although many grumbled at the time, I actually liked the pterosaur release because over that first week we had a good chance of getting every new creature. I wish each new update was the same. It rewards players for playing at the time while giving new players something to chase.


where am read mammoth?

I find it pretty dull now. Arena is a grind to nowhere. Been stuck in lower library for months despite leveling up and boosting creatures. Matchups are as messed up as ever (primarily due to boosting). They need to add other activities or a different way to battle to keep it fresh. Undoubtedly that would have them looking at a way to monetize that part as well though.


First week was ok but im pretty sure the second week was another ptera event… and as far as the arena went only alanqa and its hybrid were worth using so which is the real reason there was so much grumbling.

Im ok with 1 exclusive a patch… but when its the majority of the patch thats going to far.

I still think this is a case of Ludia actually listening to the wrong set of complaints. Back in 1.5 people complained cause a few at the top of the leaderboard had max level thors shortly after the patch dropped. Then during 1.5/1.6 we had a post we had a group from the top of the leaderboard asking to make new dinos arena exclusives so spoofers didnt have them at max level the day of the patch.

And I will admit at the time it did seem like the best way to go… but in retrospect its taking a major portion of the game hunting and making it less and less relevant. The spoofers were banned and now there back.

What i would like the most for 1.12 is Ludia to take a look at ar portion of the game to make hunting more relevant…outside of event spawns im usually just darting random stuff for missions which can be effecient but its not really fun. And they should cycle exclusives.

They can build on this mammoth spawn if its seasonal… let all this cold weather cenos be winter spawn… come spring let some other exclusives become seasonal spawns. That way our map looks different besides depots and sanctuaries moving around.


My mistake. I meant to say, the mammoth as I am reading is out for a limited amount of time. That’s what the player base has said due to a newsfeed message that was only briefly shown in the game.

I agree that to keep the game interesting they need to rethink some of the game play. Either that or we’ve just reached a pinnacle where the game is a boring grind. I like the idea of perhaps more PvE battles as you wander around or something.

I thought the campaign was actually an excellent idea! That kept me interested in the game and leveling. Unfortunately I have reached level 72 now and do not have any lvl 28 dinos, so I am stuck. Back to the arena grind.


They have to do something… its December 15 and 1.11 has done nothing towards getting any of the community to come back after boosts 2.0…220k people have played in the arena… thats not even considering alt accounts and your most likely looking at less then 200k individuals have played a match this season.

Quit tring to fix the arena… and get the ar portion of the game back to pre 1.5 levels.

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Yes but if we had a week of the new creatures each update and then back to normal would be good. We would get a chance to get them at least rather than relying on sanctuaries and Alliance members getting them.

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Yeah a week would be good. On top of that seasonal pvp should reward the new stuff… they could give out the older exclusives in tournaments and such


I darted way too many Alanqa that week! Alankylo was so much fun to counter all the Indoms back then.

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I think the concept of the game dosen’t offer any good social interaction.

Players don’t need to discuss any part of the game, and could play solo.

If the game offered more challanges and unbeatable parts, the life on this forum would be higher.

A trend is where players tell about their game and how fun it is to play — this love of the game have disappeared. Players have seen that the game is NEARLY exact the same after 1 1/2 year. The design, the interaction, the dinos the battles and aswell the topics in this forum. How many topics have we seen on boosts and the same discussions? There is no progression.

While I have been playing Fortnite during the same time, they have got events with Star Wars, Marvel, Batman, offered new Battle Passes and a whole new update of the map… the list could be huge!

The main problem of this game is they expect ADULTS to PAY for all the content. This game is not made for children or younger players.

I miss that JWA dosen’t have a larger community and more ways to play the game.


I used to get well annoyed (being polite) when everyone started playing Alankylosaurus to counter my Imdominus. The swearing was legendary! :laughing: