Has the level of epics increased or has my luck increased?

I’ve been actively playing (almost vicious) the game since June. That means that the application is active 18 hours I’m awake, although, of course I’m not always looking at it. A standard day I do active search (walking) for 3 or 4 hours, plus two hours of public transport (train, bus) plus two or three hours of static search (home, breaks at work, restaurant at lunchtime, etc. ). Until now a normal day meant:
Bad day: Do not find any epic
Normal day: find between 1 and 2 epic
Good day: find 3 epic
Very good day: find 4 epic (what had happened twice)
Extraordinary day: find 5 epic (what had only happened twice).

Well, yesterday 9 epic appeared of which I could pick up 6 (2 were not reachable from the train and work respectively) and one vanished between my fingers after walking to reach it fully.

In the first 2 hours of today I have already seen three epic although I could only accumulate one DNA (one was not reachable and 87 secondotosauro DNA were lost when entering a tuner after the releases, losing the connection and having to reset the app after 10 min waiting for the reconnection when leaving the tunnel).

Has anyone else noticed this increase in epics? Has my luck just changed?

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I think it might be your luck. :wink:
I never found more than three epics a day, I call myself lucky when I find one or two epics per week.

And I‘m driving through a very big city the whole time.

Hello German"

I see that your experience so far is similar to mine but I read comments from people who say that for them it is normal to see more than 10 epic in a day or up to 2 epic at a time. I read today in a post someone who says he does not collect epic “little useful”. For me it is exciting to find a secondotosauro or a Gryposuchus although currently it is useless!

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yeah that‘s exactly my situation. I read so often something like „I catch 3 Trex per day“ or „ OMG I just found 4 this day“, etc.
Well I gotta admit that I am a little jealous because my luck seems to be at holiday…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yesterday, I wasn‘t motivated to walk and so I drove for many hours through thr city. Only found a Trex and some Nodosaurus and Edmontosaurua but that‘s it. I get what I can but sometimes I see the empty map around me while reading that someone found 2 epics right before the homedoor it kinda kills my motivation.

But I don‘t give up. As a student I am busy and often driving so I do often look after some spawnings around me. But mostly there are only some commons I don‘t need. Like Dracorex, Diplocaulus or Purrusaurus.

Especially the Diplocaulus! Don‘t wanna see him anymore! :triumph:


Good morning…

I think it is all down to luck. About 3 is the most I’ve ever seen in one day and that happens maybe once a month, maybe less.

It’s luck… I also find it goes in waves. I had a week where I was really able to play a ton and found practically none and wanted to stop playing lol. In general 3-5 a day is my average, mostly TREX.

If I only saw one epic around per day I would be happy , its very very rare they are appearing near me :sweat_smile:

I’d send one of my TRex your way if I could lol… I can’t get enough of his other components to level up my hybrids.

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It’s not only how long you play but also how.

I found 8 epics yesterday and see 1-2 more I couldn’t dart . Definitely an above average day but I see more some days, and way less some days (3-4 is a bare minimum)

The key is just to play a lot and optimize. When I commute, when I walk the game is open every single second. Best way to not miss out those sweet epics

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My best day was when I found 6 T-Rexs at different locations that I was commuting to… within 3 hrs! :wink:

Finally I found a Trex. But this time I wasn‘t lucky, had to dart her tail and she was moving so unpredictable it‘s been a pain.
At least I got 53 DNA and she‘s now at lvl 15. Irex, here I come!!

Idk, I was actually thinking the same thing earlier. Before the past few days, I hadn’t seen a legendary in the wild outside of an event in weeks. Now all of a sudden the past couple days, I’m seeing multiples per hunting trip. And a common 5 min scent last night gave me both a Spinosaurus and Rajasaurus. The other common scent (20m) gave me 2 more epics and 2 more rares. It really feels like an uptick now the tourny is over.

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I guess you mean “hybrid epic” (and not “legendary”, is that the case?) I never saw a legendary at liberty if it is not in an event.

Thank you :joy: my t rex is inoy lvl 14 for now so I’m gonna continue to wait and hope some will appear :grin: fortunately a rajasaur appeared in a 5 min scent :blush:

A Trex appeared near the bar where I had breakfast … it was only 90 meters away … I wanted to get closer … and it disappeared … bad luck … and it’s the second time it happens to me in two days (yesterday with an even more precious Ankylosauro)

thats normal for me since i travel alot and hit zones rapidly. i can usually see about 5 trex minimum aswell as a few other epics. this isnt a bad thing and im happy that ludia listened and increased them.

Well I am active most of the day (on weekends practically all day) and I usually see 1 or 2 TRex a week in good weeks.

But everything depends a lot on where. In my house, for example it is very difficult that there are more than two “normal” in the radius of action of the VIP dart. There may be a “Rare” a day. In 4 months I have never seen an Epic. Now from the coffee room in my office I could shoot 3 rare (Postosuchus, GirafTitan, Wherosauro), 3 normal “wild” and 2 “normal” of the weekly event. It is also true that I think it is the first time three rare are given at the same time.

At lunch time 2 TRex and a Sinceratops. Definitely something has changed !!! and for good!

During the period that I actually hunt in this game, which was 2 months ago: the most epics i have seen in 24 hrs was 20. I drove like 400 kilometers and through 2 different neigbouring countries. LOL. i had never had that much luck after that. With the signicantly decreased spawn rates for epics, my current hunt time is approx. 10 min per day (excluding doing strikes if i am in the mood). So almost no epics for me nowadays.