Has the scent strike tower stopped giving scents?

A week before the indominus event started I have been not getting scents from scent strike towers. Apart from the Halloween and one other time, rest all has been no scents. Also in battles I have 3 Dino’s left and wnemy loses the second or the third and it shows I lost. Happenes a lot. Also I an in sorna marshes and I don’t get t Rex dna from incubators even if it is an epic one. Getting rajasaurus, gyprosuchus, blue etc . Only once t rex. And the most important one that I am not able to see epic strike towers during events sometimes. Also in epic tower battles it makes us wait for 4 mins for 3-5 times. Well there are many more don’t know where to put them . So using this forum to get help.

Hey Mitul_C_Vaishnav, if your inventory is full, you might not be able to receive some specific Scent capsules that are awarded from the Scent Strike Tower. Regarding your battle finishing early, if it happens again, try force closing and relaunching the game and it should bring you back into your original battle. There are also some troubleshooting steps here that could also help: Lost a battle I was winning

As for the Strike Towers, they are distributed all over the in-game map, but sometimes it might take some exploring to find one. Our team is aware that certain abilities can cause creatures to get “stuck” during a Strike battle as well, and if you have more information, could you email our team to assist them in their investigation?

If you’re still having any other issues, please reach out to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key included in the email.

Nope. I’m still getting my daily quota.