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Has the shields stop working again..?

Yeah the instant invicibility stopped working a couple of weeks ago, then a fix was deployed to fix the issue. But now I have the same type of issue again. Not for all dinos but Ardentismaxima should have two turns (only have one) and Diorajasaurs invicibility doesnt seem to work at all… Have lost several matches since I dont understand the game logics anymore…

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Yeah, basically. We don’t have any official statements from Ludia, but from the mods we know that this isn’t intentional.

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When the game’s once again going like “Fine. I’ll do it myself.”

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Happened to me just now And lost the game because of that !! Ludia get your act together !! I’m paying actual money in this game !

Maxima only had 1 turn invincibility lasting 2 attacks. I guess the latter applies to raids.

same thing has happened on my end. Instant Invincibility does nothing. It disappears within a split second of activation. I have lost many battles because of this.