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Has there been a migration?


I live in the area of the golden chicken but now i see eni and spino appearing


I feel like things are very random right now. Maybe they RNG migrations/spawning lol


I was thinking that earlier, I saw a paralopho leave to work today from my house. I NEVER see them in my area unless its a event day.


Nest spawns maybe???
I found a triceratops, an ankylosaurus, and a suchotator in l3.


There is a portion of spawns they appear to be rotating to different dinos. If you noticed that the last two days starting Dec 20, Lythronax and Purussaurus Gen 2 that makes Purrolyth. have been popping up all over.

I like this kind of migration rotation. On occasion you will see some way out of place dinos.


I noticed it also. Used to see lots of tarbosaurus around me and now it’s lythronax purrolyth


Dunno about migration, but I actually snagged some Diplodocus DNA out at the event supply drop down the street this morning. Once I get Darwinopterus, I will have discovered all the dinos currently in-game. I didn’t think that Dippy was in the wild yet.


That’s because Diplodocus isn’t currently in the wild currently.


Event specific, apparently. I’ve been darting Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus at green event drops all day.


They’re popping up in Zone 1 today, dunno about the other zones. Ourano is popping up as well.