Has this ever happened to you?

This hasn’t happened to you and it shows.

ever been 1 point off of a new arena? i’ve been 4999 more times than i would’ve like.

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Having no incubators? It has happened, I just usually keep battling until I get one though. If you’re talking about the score, then I’ve been coasting along on 4990 and a little higher, almost getting into the next arena, but usually losing trophies and going back down. Thankfully I did get there yesterday, so now my score is set for my season prize :grin:

Ha! Looks like mine. I have empty slots because of lack of motivation to battle.

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I have no slots because I’m weak

Not necessarily weak. I am in the same boat. It is just the arena is still very unbalanced. Will Ludia ever fix it? Probably not.

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If it ever got that difficult I’d drop an arena and try again.
The sweet spot is where you have juuuuust enough time to fill your slots.
If you can’t fill them, drop. If you are out of daily ads, all slots are filled and still have time to kill? Probably try to rise. Not having an incubator running is the slippery slope to getting overtaken.

Nope. I always keep my old arena incubators until I’ve pretty much secured stability within the next arena, and get a full day’s cycle of incubators. I can take on players up to lvl 27 (my highest is lvl 26 Kapro), though the difficulty is a bit too much when dealing with teams full of lvl 30s.

i realized way later than i should’ve that this was more about the incubators.

the empty slots is happening quite frequently with me. I’ve lost most interest to battle as of late.