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Has toro been in the game the whole time

If u look closely it has a healed scar on its face from the dinodex pic and darker skin from the upgrade section.


Oh wow, I never saw that

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Toro is a carno from the animated series? Or what? Didn’t watch the show yet


ya, hes the one. Apparently, he interacted with indy.

plus its on the left side, the same side he got cut.

yeah and principal antagonist

Personally, I didn’t think he was the antagonist of season 1. I thought indy was. Indy was the one chasing them the entire time. Toro only chased them in the last episode. I think he might be the antagonst for s2 but that could be replaced by the spino. Spino is in the paddock in between rexy an dindy. We might get the rematch of jp3 in camp cretacious.

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That isn’t the scar, its a striped ring around his eye

its nice to think it is. If you look closer on the left side of the full picture you see it has a similar size, smaller than indy. It does a have a redder part on its left side of its face under its eye, that could be a shadow tho.