Has tupuxuara been nerfed?

I went on JWTG to do my battles. I looked at my tupuxuara (currently at lvl 20) to see his lvl 40 stats. Last time I checked its stats were approximately 2900 health and 900 attack. Look at its stats now

I dont think it should have been nerfed.

I think the stats in the picture is stats at lv.31 not 40


Oh yh. I forgot about that. Why did they change it? It just adds more confusion to the game

Yes, that’s true, i’ve seen this. Pretty unuseful.

The only reason I can think of this change is to show what the creature will be right after the evolution.

This does make sense from an analytical standpoint as folks should be making decisions on if they are going to fuse a creature and if it will do anything to their lineup once fused (level ending with a 1) versus what it will do once that evolution is maxed out (level ending with a 0).

I understand the change, it does feel strange since we are used to the other way, but this display actually has more real life worth to a player that is thinking about fusing something.

My 2 cents.


I like that it shows the next level start, but I also like to see level 40 stats. However, I just checked and you can see level 40 stats in your market, so it seems perfect.