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Hatch time?

Is this correct?

Also does anyone know if there is a way of knowing exactly what you are hatching without peering at the tiny little pictures on a phone?

We’re all having to figure out hatch times on the cenos that got upgrades. Is that the time you got right immediately after putting them in? I’m trying to add hatch times to the JWTG data spreadsheet as we discover them.

Only other way I believe you can figure out what’s in the hatchery is checking the paddock.

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No, I had put them both in ages before and not really looked at. I reckon this was a 7 day hatch!

Six days twenty three hours is the hatch time

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It’s actually 7 days. What you get immediately after putting the Dino in is 6 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds (one second elapsed as you punched the button). The display only shows the two most significant numbers - in this case 6 days 23 hours. If you check back in an hour the 23 will flip down to 22, but there’s still 59 more minutes to go.


I have been playing this game for just over four years I understand that any dinosaur that shows 6 days 23 hours is one second from being 7 days I was just saying what it shows in the hatchery