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Hatch15/12 - level 15/12 Then Rinse and repeat

Ludia, I add my voice to everyone else who says your hatch/level game play with the occasional break to pet or train a dragon is INSANITY on a grand scale. It’s totally unachievable over the long term- I know because I’ve tried. All it does is decimate one’s resources and break one’s spirit. There aren’t enough scales in the universe for a sustained effort of this madness.

If you ACTUALLY played this game, you’d know it is impossible- unless your plan is to only let us collect a chest every three or four days.

If that is the case, then I suggest you look at radically increasing the skullcrusher trust points in each chest otherwise Flight Club isn’t worth it.

None of this is news and I doubt you’ll listen. But please be rational. Even if you’re planning to wave a magic wand with the arena, we need to function until then.

Thank you for a fabulous game but please work with us to sort out this soul-sucking chore. Thank you for your consideration.


Hello @Isladragonrider,

Thank you for the feedback! This has been shared with our team of Developers.