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Hatchery - Epic breeding downgrade?

Today I found out that Epic breeding in Hatchery has been reduced from “Hatch a 4 :star: Dragon” to "Hatch a 3-4 :star: Dragon"
Can Ludia guys comment on this please? @Markus, @Ned?


Is it because many players are nearing the lvl requirement for this? :slight_smile:
I also noticed a small update today. As far as I’m aware, there was no thread informing us about changes…

It has been 3-4*. It was downgraded from 3-5* many months ago. It was never 4* only


Has anyone done this upgrade? How much ridiculous amounts of resources does it cost? I have recently done the Hatch a 3* and was shocked that it cost 10 x as many coins as a 2* hatch, and 12 hours, if the epic is similarly resource hungry I might not bother with the colour 3* upgrades…

I would only upgrade when you need to use coins. Nothing worth hatching past 2* specific color

100k Gold
200 eggs
About 10% chance for 4*
Not worth it