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Hatchery suggestion

Now that the creation lab has 4 slots open did you guys notice that when the 2nd slot is finished the 3rd and 4th slots dont slip into becoming the 2nd and 3rd slots? It would be nice if the same thing is implemented to the hatchery. It would save a lot of bucks in the long run since opening the 4th slot takes more DBs than the 2/3 slots. I am attaching a screenshot of what Im trying to convey here.

This is nice because 2nd slot in creation takes 50 DB, 3rd takes 75 and 4th takes 100. Since they don’t move their places once 2nd slot is completed we can save 50 DB by using the 2nd slot again instead of having to use the 4th if it moved which is what happens in the hatchery and even careful planning leads to wasted bucks as I usually put tourneys in 3rd/4th slot which moves to 2nd and 3rd slot when my existing 2nd slot is hatched and hence Im always mostly left with 4th slot which 50 DB to unlock rather than the 2nd.