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Hatching Dragon Eggs! Random vs Colored(Green, Blue, ...) Amount of Eggs Per x Time


Was there some hidden benefit to changing the way Dragons hatched?
Random(common). was 1-2 stars any color possible for 10 eggs @10minutes per hatching.
Now it’s just 1 star.
Color 2 star (Green, Blue, …). Was 10 eggs per @ 30 minutes per hatching.
Now it’s 15 eggs per @ 30 minutes

From new games to games releasing new features. It’s become a trend to release the software BEFORE the game is complete. Then constantly tweak it, usually in a negative way to players. Nothing looks greedier. It’s also one of the biggest reasons games get hacked and slowly fill up with cheaters.

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It was tweaked as higher level players have pretty much no need for 1 star dragons due to the lack of xp they give to dragons in there later star levels. Although more resource intensive, much prefer the extra to draw just 2 stars with 1 star dragons was costing 50k fish to level up one level.


Except they dont like spending the scales. This was also done to cause more resource drain. I’m sure


Lvl 36 here. Hate the hatchery changes. More coins, fine, A little more time, fine. But the scale requirements and increased egg cost just for a 2* hatch combined with the other update tweaks that dramatically reduce the eggs generated in normal gameplay — so, so bad.

Net effect: we have to choose between reducing our progress to a snail’s pace (because we don’t have any dragon fodder for leveling our battle dragons) or spending $ on :zap: recharge so we can return to a decent rate of generating eggs while trying to compensate for the spending of 1* scales on hatching.

So no, this change isn’t to benefit players who’ve been around longer. It’s all about pushing for more rune use.