Hatching eggs in Jurassic world alive?


How about it guys and gals?

This is the great DinoLord again with a great idea for the game which probably has been talked about by admins of the game! Why not have eggs and incubators like Pokémon go but with a twist there’s different types like common, rare and epic only available the next level up in hybrid can only be got three other means (hard work money spent for coin)

But anyways these eggs are harder to get they are earned through streaks in winning in the gameplay or another way of getting eggs but each level of egg is obviously hard to get them the other and you must buy the incubators to hatch these eggs no free incubators you must win or buy make it harder to do but available. Also add coinage as apart of hatching a egg because we all needs more coins and the better the egg the bigger the reward of coins and the obvious either common, rare or epic again each on is harder to get then the other. This would be a add on but a harder thing to accomplish which makes game more divided amongst players make these eggs garuantee a special amount of DNA and coins to level up!

I have also other ideas for admins to make money off spins locally in Calgary Alberta Canada :canada: and I have lots to contribute if you want a jr associate lol :laughing: I’d be down hehe

Anyways people let’s see some like buttons pressed. Love button whatever and reply reply reply ideas can change the world ! Well the game anyways lol :joy:



I’ve thought about this too. I think having eggs and hatching them similar to how Pokemon Go does would be a great idea! Plus it will give me something to earn while out walking and collecting dinos and supply drops. Plus it just makes sense seen how dinosaurs come from eggs to begin with.
But since it’s JP style and not wanting to copy Pogo, maybe do something different like finding amber with a mosquito and it’s “sent” to the lab and while you are walking it’s being “worked on” in the lab. And the better amber you find the better chance at cloning a good dino. But, I mean you don’t get the whole dino but only a portion of it’s DNA?
I dont I just literally threw it out there. But, I do agree with you on the fact that there should be some kind of egg hatching or reward/something to work on while walking. I’ve spent the last few days walking around the neighborhood and parks catching dinos and Pokemon and walking to hatch eggs is more rewarding than just searchoand hunting. But, perhaps when Ludia does another update in the near future we might get something like this?


Yes exactly doesn’t have to be a whole dino maybe a common , rare or epic based on the type of ember you find would be kool too ! Thumbs up very good idea .

That would give JPL it’s own thing and not look like a copy of another game even if they did use eggs I wouldn’t care but this ember idea is great just like the movies :+1::star:


That would be cool!!!


That would be truly epic. We could even do raids for eggs.


Unfortunately I have to say that it would be blatant copying of Pogo. However the idea of walking for an award isn’t awful in and of itself. I would personally prefer a system that kinda awards “Goals”. E.g: after you walk 1km you get a incubator, after 3 an incubator after 5, 10, 15, 20. Have then reset weekly rather than dairy and you could have a robust System to encourage movement.
Also it makes me deeply unhappy to semi-agree with Dinolord the omni-annoying.


This guy above doesn’t read reviews (topics) properly. Or perhaps I should spell it out properly next time in bold direct format!! LOL