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Hatching happiness

You will have to give up your free slot for 6 days!


No the plan was to instant hatch one anyway so as soon as I receive something worth hatching I’m gonna spend the bucks. :facepunch:

And it wont be long, usually if I place something in first slot it doesnt take long till I recieve a common in a mystery pack… the ultimate clear market killers :man_facepalming:

Soon I will have a second level 26 pteraquetzal and a level 21 segnosuchus, then il be working on more segnos for the time being as they are so cheap and so helpful :grin:


190 K in my case. But I regret nothing!!


New aquatic hybrid! :metal: I’m excited about new creature but at the same time sort of “frustrated” as I can see it as a new DNA spending opportunity (and I have plenty of such opportunities already…) :unamused:


I was thinking about making it, but I would need to purchase 3 copies of it for it to be in the top of my lineup at level 30, so il save it for another day. (Liosicthodon that is, il probably be making dracoceratops soon)

Mammotherium will probably be next as a level 20 sits just below level 30 indricoceros which is at the top of my lineup, could always do with Savannahs but caverns I’m not so short on.


Got there at last. For a bit I was feeding Spinoraptor once a day, then I reached the point where I had to wait until I had enough food in total because he would have unbalanced my line-up above L36.

Anyway, have a nice shiny new Spinotasuchus

And can go and make some more


This weeks an aquatic one.

COT got me the last surface needed to unlock (minus the forever lockeds :sob:)


Dracoceratops is nearly there, these are the last 2 copies of dracorex needed for fusion.

Suchodus is next to be maxed.

And I scored a presto in diamond fidelity today, all good things on the horizon!


My hatchery has looked like this for about 3 weeks, since just before the Metriacanthosaurus tournament. I had the unlock and one hatched copy plus one in the market, and set out on the quest for Metriaphodon. Still going:

Actually these are the 7th, 8th and 9th Metriacanthosaurus, as I want to finish up with a Level 30 of this at least as well as the Hybrid.

I have 2 Dimorphodon at L40 but use them regularly and had all I needed for another one, it’s just a question of hatching 8 copies.

Slow going but I think it will be worth it.


Hooray! I have finally hatched all my Metriacanthosaurus, 15 in all (I already had one). I now have 3x level 30, 1x level 20 and 2 L10s currently in evolution. Will keep 2 L30s for now as they are handy in tournaments. The other 2 will be merged and then fused with my new Dimorphodon to make Metriaphodon. Nearly there … it has taken a month.

Switched tack, meanwhile, to amphibians. Hatching more Ostas, as my amphibians are trailing behind. Will be my first L30 tournament hybrid.


Ahhh all my hatching slots are filled up


Sped up the last 2 Ostaposaurus in today’s hatching discount, cleared space for 2 Urtinotherium which I have been wanting to hatch for ages

And a Kapro 2, which I want to max out. This is no. 5.

The fish is for the BDNA mission, have maxed it and made its hybrid already but need to hatch 3 Aquatics and got it free.


It’s really not much at all but I’m proud of it! I started playing less than a week ago, and I’m making good progress! I’ve been buying a lot of prize drop cards in the past 2 days, and today it’s really payed off! I actually got 2 Tyrannotitans from the zinc drop but I got bored and decided to speed one up. The Bonitasaura I purchased from the market. I got the aquatic reptile (my first super rare) because I filled up the silver bar!
Edit: My Bonitasaura finished incubating so now I’m incubating a Hatzegopteryx I just got from an event!

Edit 2: My Hatzegopteryx (3rd aviary down) just hatched (it’s actually my favorite pterosaur species in real life), but it’s a little… well… glitched (asset out of containment)! :laughing:



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My first aquatic was mosasaurus gen 2, Mosasaur has always been my fav reptile

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Funny the way a lot of Pterosaurs in the game seem to escape their cages like this.

You are making great progress, well done.


After the mass Metriacanthosaurus and Dimorphodon hatch over the last few weeks, here goes the big fusion:

Good bye Metriacanthosaurus #2, I have made a second level 40 as well.


Thank you! So far Hatzegopteryx has been the only pterosaur I’ve seen do this!

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Nice! I looked it up and the one I got was a Mauisaurus. I’m sort of impatient, and I might have… well… sped it up a bit…


lol. Jw the game is a game of patience.